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The Special Election

In the #TXHD148SpecialElectionRunoff, Anna Eastman was endorsed by the following:

State Sen. John Whitmire
State Sen. Carol Alvarado
State Rep. Chris Turner, Chair, House Democratic Caucus
State Rep. Senfronia Thompson
State Rep. Harold Dutton
State Rep. Dr. Alma Allen
State Rep. Gene Wu
State Rep. Gina Calanni
State Rep. Christina Morales
Former Mayor Annise Parker
Mayor Pro Tem Ellen Cohen
Constable Alan Rosen

It doesn’t look like the runoff will be held on the December 14 date like the local runoffs.

Here is Kuffer’s take on setting the date:

There is nothing Commentary can do about setting the date, so I won’t worry about it. I have done a couple of stand-alone legislative special elections including one runoff. If we have a January 2020 runoff election, we will deal with it.

Manny Barrera sent me his take on my take yesterday on the 4,201 HD 148 votes for Ann Eastman. I don’t agree with his take.

Here it is:

The votes will be canvassed this Friday, then it is up to the Governor to call a runoff date.

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