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4,201 Votes

The Anna Eastman Campaign will begin rolling out endorsements from some Democrats today. Some folks are refusing to join the Eastman campaign because the right Democrat isn’t in the runoff. Oh, brother! Give us all a break!

Commentary has news for folks. The Anna Eastman Campaign didn’t make the rules on how the election turns out. If no one gets 50% plus 1 vote, the top two vote getters advance in a runoff election. 20,658 House District 148 voters chose a candidate last Tuesday. Anna Eastman led with 4,201 votes. She led the second place finisher, a GOPer, by 929 votes. She led the second highest Dem vote getter by 1,709 votes.

This decision wasn’t a backroom deal. It wasn’t power brokers. It wasn’t an elitist cabal. It was out in the open for voters to vote by mail ballot, vote early in person over 12 days, or vote on Election Day at over any 700 voting locations. Voters in Spring Branch, Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, the Heights, Northside and Lindale Park, to name a few made the decision.

I saw on social media someone say they need to get behind one candidate. 4,201 voters got behind one and respect that.

I get that filing for the Dem Primaries began this past Saturday and folks can take their shot in HD 148 again if they want. Go for it!

God forbid if Texas faces a disaster or economic crisis next year that would require the Governor to call a Special Session. Would you really want a GOPer there to represent HD 148?

Commentary lives and votes in HD 148 and I don’t take too kindly in the games that are being played by some Dems in the #TXHD148SpecialElectionRunoff. Do you think the GOP is playing similar games? Nope! Oh, well.

Anna Eastman filed yesterday in the 2020 Dem Primary.

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