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Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo ran on making Harris County government more transparent. She can honor her campaign promise by holding hearings on what happened with last night’s debacle on election night returns reporting that are still not complete. This is totally unacceptable.

Thank you Chron reporters and other media outlets for calling out Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman and her piss poor operation. What a mess.

The Clerk’s office put out a tweet this morning saying this:

Full unofficial election night results are now available at harrisvotes.com.

Their webpage still has three locations not reporting. When you go on the status of voting centers reporting page, there are at least ten from HD 148 still out.

The Clerk was trying to put the blame on the Secretary of State’s Office. That’s BS. What a mess.

Bad debut for Diane Trautman for her first major election day reporting.

And then there was this yesterday as reported by the Chron:

A small number of Harris County voters received incorrect ballots on Election Day, an error the county clerk says was the fault of poll workers amid a shift to allowing residents to visit any polling station.

Michael Winn, Harris County’s director of elections, said the clerk’s office knows of three locations where the problem occurred: Wilson Montessori, Lazybrook Baptist Church and Freed-Montrose Library. In some cases, Winn said poll workers were too slow to check in a voter. If the voting system times out twice, the poll worker has the discretion to choose which ballot a voter receives, which led to errors.

“They have two times to mess it up before it can go wrong,” Winn said around midday. “It’s a training issue. We’ve contacted all our locations to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Some-Harris-County-voters-handed-incorrect-14811133.php.

Sigh! I had a voter contact me yesterday to report that she and five voters at Montie Beach, Precinct 206, were given the wrong ballot. There should not be any times to have it wrong.  Come on!

I called It. Here is my take from a couple of days ago:

HD 148 Dem Primary?

Tomorrow night could very well conclude the 2020 Dem Primary in Texas House District 148. Let me explain. The first phase of the #TXHD148SpecialElection will be over tomorrow. Then there will be a runoff because with 15 candidates in the race, it is unlikely that a candidate will get 50% plus 1.

There are 12 Dems in the race, 2 GOPers, and 1 independent who used to be a GOPer. Luis La Rotta, who is third on the ballot has the support of the local GOP. On the ballot, political party affiliation is listed. We know from the two previous special elections in SD 6 and HD 145 last December and January, the GOP candidate received the bulk of the GOP votes cast. Martha Fierro received 23% in the SD 6 Special and 25% in the HD 145 Special. According to the current early voting totals data, around 30% or so of votes cast in HD 148 have a GOP voting history. What if La Rotta gets a huge share of that GOP vote and secures a place in the runoff. He would face off with the top Dem vote getter.

Now granted, HD 148 is a Dem district but Dems are not going to take any chances so they will line up and unite behind the Dem in the runoff. The next five weeks or so will see HD 148 Dem voters getting a lot of contact from the Dem candidate. With filing for the Dem Primary beginning next week, the 11 Dems who don’t make the runoff will be hard pressed to file and run again. I guess one or more could file and hope the Dem in the runoffs gets knocked off, but that is not likely.

Filing as a Dem and watch a Dem prevail in the runoff wouldn’t put you in a good position heading into a Dem Primary. It wouldn’t make sense. If it is one Dem and a GOPer in a runoff Tuesday evening, for all practical purposes, the HD 148 Dem Primary is over. Got it?

Of course, if La Rotta or the other GOPer misses the runoff, none of this matters.

You have a better scenario?

It is Anna Eastman, baby against La Rotta. It matters.

Anna ran a strong campaign and was a great candidate.

Now it is to a runoff!

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