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There There

What is our won-loss record in Championship Series?

The $95,000 intern just won’t go away. I was told yesterday that it is being talked about by folks at civic club meetings. Not a good look folks.

The Chron has another story on the issue today. Here is the article:

The Chron E-Board weighed in on the matter today and here are parts of their take:

Buzbee has implied there is a personal relationship between Turner and Agumagu but has so far produced no evidence to back it up.

And this:

Meanwhile, there are other areas where the mayor has fallen short. Turner’s opponents should stick to the facts and fight to win on policy differences. Throwing around veiled allegations and innuendo is not a sign of good leadership — or character.

Here is the entire E-Board take:

Now let’s step back for a second. It wasn’t the Bill King Campaign or Tony Buzbee Campaign who manufactured this story. It was an investigative reporter from KPRC-TV Channel 2 news who broke the story. Somebody who doesn’t like the Mayor provided the info to Channel 2.

Commentary has no idea where this is headed. I don’t think the Chron E-Board does either from their take today. As they say in the TV news business, stay tuned!

In 1980, we lost the NLCS, 2-3.

In 1986, we lost the NLCS, 2-4.

In 2004, we lost the NLCS, 3-4.

In 2005, we won the NLCS, 4-2.

In 2017, we won the ALCS, 4-3.

In 2018, we lost the ALCS, 1-4.

Our Championship Series record is 16- 20, of course.

Wow! Last night was electric at The Yard. It was rocking. We did it!

It is Game 1 of the ALCS tomorrow at The Yard!

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Game 5

I nearly fell out of my chair when I looked at the computer yesterday afternoon and saw that San Luis had put up 10 in the top of the first inning and were still batting. I finally got around to watching the end of the game and I heard the announcer say that The ATL had not advanced in the MLB playoffs since 2001. Who was the last team they beat in a playoff series?

Make no mistake. The Astros are under a lot of pressure.  We are the best team in MLB, so we have to win this evening. Period. The team has to step up. If they play their game, we advance.

Tony Buzbee is putting the $95,000 a year intern issue on the air with campaign ads against the H-Town Mayor. Yikes!

Chris Tomlinson, the Chron’s business columnist, writes what Commentary has said recently. Here is how his latest column starts:

Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma hired Hunter Biden for one reason, and one reason only: his last name.

Companies have long recruited relatives of the powerful to win favors and impress others. But what’s despicable is that politicians still find it acceptable, and we have not made it illegal.

Hunter Biden, by his own account in the New Yorker magazine, started playing on his surname in 1998 when he joined President Bill Clinton’s Commerce Department. After the 2000 election, Biden became a lobbyist, where he gained access to exclusive business and political deals.

After his father became vice president in 2008, Biden dropped his lobbying practice and became a consultant, advising companies seeking to expand in the United States. In 2012, he entered into a partnership involving Chinese businessmen and in December 2013, arranged for one of his partners to shake hands with Vice President Joe Biden.

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/columnists/tomlinson/article/Biden-s-son-was-playing-off-his-name-and-14505238.php?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=sftwitter.

Memo to my fellow Dems. We don’t need former VP Joe Biden as our nominee. It is a burden that will hurt us. If the campaign is about Hunter Biden a year from now, we’re screwed.

In 2001, The ATL beat us 3 zip in the NLDS (Commentary was there at The Yard for Game 3) and then lost to the D-Back in 5 games in the NLCS of course.

I also was there when we beat The ATL in the 2004 NLDS in 5 games and in the 2005 NLDS in 4 that concluded with the Chris Burke dinger in Game 4 in the bottom of the 18th inning with The Rocket pitching the final 3 innings.

Let’s hope for some memorable plays this evening. Let’s win it!

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Best of Five

How many runs have been scored by each team in the four games of this ALDS?

This is nearly six minutes of the $95,000 City of H-Town intern from Mario Diaz and Channel 2 news here:

Commentary admits to laughing throughout the story even though this is serious stuff. How do they think this is a good look? Nobody that I have talked to over the past few days on this think it is a good look. Even folks who support the H-Town Mayor. How does this happen?

Commentary likes to give my observations and oftentimes it goes against the talking points. What did folks expect GOP Harris County Commissioners Jack Cagle and Steve Radack to do yesterday? They didn’t have a choice but to bust the quorum. Their political base doesn’t want an increase in property taxes. To the GOP activists, the property tax is hated. The law says at least four members of Commissioners Court had to attend the meeting for a tax rate setting vote to happen. Every local GOP activist knew that. If Cage or Radack would have attended and property taxes were raised, their political careers would be over. They are looked at as heroes among GOP activists.

The Rays have scored 17 runs and we have scored 13 of course.

Commentary has said it on numerous occasions. The folks who run the Astros are smarter than the rest of us. That doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes. Going with Justin Verlander on three days of rest instead of four will be forgotten if we win tomorrow evening.

That’s why it is called a Best of Five series. We got Gerrit Cole on the mound to start tomorrow night. What is the problem?

Of course, the Rays did win 96 games this season.

It will be Thursday night baseball at The Yard.

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Campaign Money

In 2017, we lost Game 3 of the ALDS to the Red Sox, 10-3. What was the score in Game 4?

Prop B is a totally unnecessary mess. It got uglier last night with a Ted Oberg story. It never should have gotten to this. Such a mess. Ridiculous and can’t defend it so don’t even try.

Here are the 30-day campaign report totals for some of the #TXHD148SpecialElection candidates:

Michele Leal:

$108,824.85 Contributions
$9,384.52 Expenditures
$61,526.89 Cash on Hand

Anna Eastman:
$50,477 Contributions
$22,735 Expenditure
$28,294.05 COH

Rob Block

$38,825 Contributions
$11,147.48 Expenditures
$27,845.82 COH

Chris Watt:

$32,999 Contributions
$8,163.72 Expenditures
$27,845.82 COH

Kendra Yarbrough Camarena:

$17,370.10 Contributions
$9,260.54 COH
$10,000 Loans

Penny Shaw:

$13,238.83 Contributions
$7,976.58 Expenditures
$14,787.39 COH
$14,000 Loans

Alva Trevino:
$7,150 Contributions
$5,549.33 Expenditures
$5,226.00 COH
$5,549.37 Loans

Luis La Rotta:

$6,511.63 Contributions
$3,829.50 Expenditures
$3,219.70 COH

In Game 4 of the 2017 ALDS, we beat the Red Sox 5-4 of course.

6 pm start this evening.

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No Local Control

How many career postseason dingers do Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Carlos Correa and #SpringerDinger have?

Sigh! This headline from a story online in the Chron:

State will manage $4.3B Hurricane Harvey recovery funding, not local governments

How does that happen? Sigh! Can’t we handle our own recovery. Like two years later? Sigh! Local control does not exist. Sigh!

Here is what the Governor’s office said:

“Houston and Harris County have proven that they are unable to ensure victims are receiving resources in a timely manner.”

One more sigh!

Go check out the article.

Well what do you know? Hoops diplomacy came to H-Town yesterday, like we needed it. Commentary doesn’t have a problem with folks piling on the NBA or for that matter the Rockets for not standing up to China’s record on human rights. You look like a complete moron if you also don’t stand up against separating families at the border. Got it?

Takeaways from The Yard this past Friday and Saturday.

It sure was noisy. It was crowded getting through the concourse.

Saint Arnold increased from $12.50 in the regular season to $15.50 for the playoffs, the glass is a bit bigger and it is a plastic souvenir glass.

Those were dominating performances by Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole. In talking to folks, everyone says they each ought to get an equal share of the AL Cy Young.

I got to use hard copy tickets.

Both days I took the Metro Rail from Moody Park and then from Quitman. I tried to check if the Metro Rail fares were suspended for those going to the playoffs. I couldn’t find anything on it on their website, so I paid the buck and a quarter.

I spent a few minutes trying to find fans in Rays gear. Less than a handful.

The lines were long trying to get into The Yard.

Prior to the game, our group got together at a restaurant a block from The Yard.

Our plan for the away playoff games is a Montrose Tex-Mex eatery.

#SpingerDinger has 11 career postseason dingers, Jose Altuve 9, Carlos Correa 8 and Alex Bregman 7 of course.

The Chron predicted an Astros sweep in the ALDS. We will find out this afternoon.

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More Endorsements

How many times have the Rays made the playoffs?

The Chron E-Board endorsed Rashad Cave in District D here:

The Chron E-Board endorsed Sandra Rodriguez in District J here:

MLB put out this morning the times for the games on Monday and they have us playing in the afternoon. It’s TV ratings folks and the Yankees and Dodgers are going to get the primetime slots so don’t sweat it. That is the way it has always been. It has nothing to do with respect.

My fav, Julia Morales tweeted this after seeing a photo of Hall of Fame great Sandy Koufax having his mitt in a bag of Cracker Jack at Dodger Stadium last night in Game 1 of the NLDS:

Koufax eating cracker jacks is everything.

It is Cracker Jack, not Jacks.

This is the fifth MLB playoff appearance for the Rays of course.

It is a 1 pm start today. I think I will take the Metro Rail. I am ready.

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Dinged Toe

Tomorrow will be our 4th Game 1 of a playoff game since we have been in the American League. Name the teams we have played in the first playoff game since joining the AL?

Just so folks know, Jeff Luhnow is President of Baseball Operations and General Manager. Get it right, please.

My good friend, H-Town City Council Member Karla Cisneros dinged up her big toe yesterday evening when she was arriving at a community meeting. Commentary will spare you the very gory details. She will be hobbling around the next few days. Get well!

Governor Greg Abbott sent a threatening letter to the Mayor of Austin. He wants the City of Austin to clean up its homeless problem or else. Or ese what? Homelessness is one of the more complex problems and the State of Texas is going to fix it? The State of Texas? Sure! That’s funny. The State of Texas fixing something?

I watched the H-Town Mayoral debate last night that was sponsored by KTRK-TV and Univision. It was quite entertaining. You could tell who had command of the facts, who didn’t, who was too aggressive and who didn’t want to be there. Just saying.

Can we bar barge traffic under and around the I-10 Bridge at the San Jacinto River? That’s a GD major thoroughfare and part of it is going to be out of commission until sometime early next year. F_ck that! I go to Baytown on a regular basis and I don’t have time for this sh_t! That’s the second time this year a barge has slammed into the bridge and disrupted traffic.

The Chron E-Board started rolling out endorsements for the upcoming elections and District I Council Member Robert Gallegos got endorsed today.

In 2015, we played the Yankees and won at Yankee Stadium in the ALWC game, in 2017, we beat Red Sox in Game 1 of the ALDS at The Yard, and in 2018, we beat Cleveland in Game 1 of the ALDS, also at The Yard of course. Tomorrow afternoon it’s the Rays.

Well we get the Rays tomorrow and we don’t have to face Charlie Morton until Monday.

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