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We Lost

Commentary has said it before. The owner of the Astros and the team told me what they thought about me when they increased my ticket prices by like over 130% over the past 3 years. They also told me who they were when they jacked the price up of a Saint Arnold for playoff games. I continue to support my beloved Astros, but I just don’t get emotionally invested like I used to. That being said, I am not bummed out after last night’s lost. Just not.

I will say this. I am one of those who believes in baseball superstitions. How the front office handled stuff during the playoffs bit us in the arse. America didn’t want us to win. We were on the verge of overtaking the Yankees as one of the most hated teams in MLB. Now we are just the runner-up.

We were 8 outs away from another parade, but the baseball gods stepped in and snatched it away. We lost. Not this season. It wasn’t meant to be.

Will the front office learn something from this loss? Probably not. They will just figure out how to take more cash out of our pockets. They are pretty good at that.

Time to put away the orange and blue gear. Until next season.

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