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This is Game 6 Day, so Commentary doesn’t have much to say.

Who leads MLB with the most base hits this 2019 postseason?

In response to my mention of Donald Trump getting booed, Royko sent me this:

No big deal, it is the “SWAMP” that he is trying to drain.

I recall in 2016 Obama was booed seemingly in every NFL stadium when they played his 9/11 video. And, at the same time in the office (October 28th), Obama’s poll numbers were lower (44%) than Trump’s (45%), as recorded by the Rasmussen Polls.


Jose Altuve of course leads the postseason with 24 base hits including 5 dingers and 6 doubles.

Wouldn’t it be the coolest if we clinched the World Series Championship sometime after 10 pm this evening at The Yard. 40,000 plus will be at the game. Tens of thousands more at bars and venues surrounding The Yard. I am thinking most of H-Town will focus on Game 6 sometime after 6 pm today.

We have our ace pitching. We’ve scored 19 runs in the last three games. Why shouldn’t it happen this evening? Confidence!

Game 6, baby!

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