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One More Win

An easy one. How many career postseason dingers does #SpringerDinger have?

There was a front page story on H-Town City Hall pay to play and here is from the story:

“The rules under which I am operating today as the mayor of the city of Houston are no different than the rules that they operated,” (H-Town Mayor Sylvester) Turner said earlier this month, referring to his predecessors. “If it was good for them, why is it wrong for me?”

Here is the pay to play story:

I will repeat what I said two weeks ago:

I don’t think so. Nope. Got the facts wrong. During those administrations, we used to have blackout periods where you couldn’t do fundraising. It usually ran from the February after a municipal election to the following February or thereabouts. A court threw the blackout fundraising ordinance out towards the end of the Parker administration and now you can pretty much raise campaign money year-round. Three years ago, after City Council went to four-year terms, the election cycle also increased to four years, meaning an individual could only give the $5,000 maximum to a candidate every four years. The City squeezed in two cycles during the four-year term. Got it?

I don’t think they get it.

Yesterday’s article was not a good look, and no one can defend it.

2019 Early Vote in H-Town is behind 2015 Early Vote. Maybe all the negative campaign ads are depressing voter turnout.

That Buzbee fella is touting a press conference today. Expect the worst.

I will say this about the Astros front office. They saw all the national negative press coverage and so the owner sent Stephanie Apstein from Sports Illustrated the following yesterday:

On behalf of the entire Astros organization, I want to personally apologize for the statement we issued on Monday, October 21st. We were wrong and I am sorry that we initially questioned your professionalism. We retract that statement, and I assure you that the Houston Astros will learn from this experience.

MLB is continuing to investigate the incident.

The Astros know that we are on the verge of becoming MLB’s most hated team, so they are into damage control.

#SpringerDinger now has 15 postseason dingers of course.

Last night’s win was nice.  Donald Trump getting booed was icing on the cake.

How do you figure holding the Nationals to 3 runs in 3 games in their own crib? We bad.

One more win. One more win. One more win.

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