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We were wrong.

Commentary is going to keep posting my niece’s Astros pumpkinator throughout the World Series for good luck and because I think it is pretty cool.

When was the last time a team started out 0-2 and won the World Series?

I don’t know if the Astros get it. I do know that they got that the country and a lot of their own H-Town loyal fans were letting them have it. I do know that they are trying to prevent a three-game losing skid this evening and having this drag out wasn’t helping get back on the winning track.

Having MLB take the lead on the investigation was a difference maker. We saw what happened when the Astros handled it on their own. It rightly blew up in their face. The team’s press operation came off as bush league. They were in protect our guy mode when the incident first came to light and that’s not how you handle it.

MLB saw that the Astros had some issues. It was distracting from the World Series. They saw some prominent journalists call out the Astros. And quickly put together an investigation to get to the bottom of what happened.

To Commentary, this line from the Astros statement yesterday is telling:

During the past two days, the Astros proactively assisted Major League Baseball in interviewing Astros employees as part of MLB’s investigation of the events published in the recent Sports Illustrated article.

“Proactively assisted” is intended to mean that we helped gather all the facts and we weren’t trying to cover it up after most folks paying attention came to the conclusion that we were complete arseholes.

I watched Astros President of Baseball Operations and General Manager Jeff Luhnow at his press conference yesterday and he was the face of the apology. He did the best that he could. I would not have wanted to be in his shoes. It probably would have been better if owner Jim Crane had also appeared and apologize for the team. The now fired Brandon Taubin was Luhnow’s Assistant GM, but the press guys who drew up the smear statement work under Crane.

It also didn’t help that Luhnow was asked if he had apologized to the women who had been harassed in the clubhouse and Luhnow said he had been too busy while one of the women, Stephanie Apstein of Sports Illustrated was sitting in the press conference room. Sigh.

I do think that the Astros’ media operation needs new leadership. Where was the voice in the media operation that should have said, the reporter, Stephanie Apstein and Sports Illustrated, don’t have a reputation of making this type of sh_t up. Let’s look into this. They didn’t and that’s why they are one of the least respected media operations in MLB. They handled an incident poorly on the eve of their sport’s greatest event. The media leadership also need to be shown the door.

It was good for the Astros to say, “we were wrong.” It was good to have Luhnow face the national press.

It is not behind us though. They haven’t earned our trust on this. Because I still don’t think they get it.

BTW: In the Chron story today on the Taubman firing, the Chron identifies the team’s media department leadership as Anita Sehgal, senior vice-president of marketing and communications and Gene Dias, vice-president of communications.

They ought to be goners.

Here is the Chron story:

And from the Chron Sports Columnist Jenny Dial Creech today:

On Thursday afternoon, the team fired assistant general manager Brandon Taubman, who had become the center of controversy after an outburst in the team’s clubhouse directed at three female reporters.

This is a start. But there is more work to be done.

Here is her entire column: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/columnists/dialcreech/article/Creech-By-saying-we-were-wrong-Astros-14560953.php?utm_campaign=CMS%20Sharing%20Tools%20(Premium)&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral.

This is funny and hilarious. Commentary is talking about that Buzbee fella not knowing the hater Hotze after he tried to buy his support and the H-Town Mayor not knowing the intern he told his staff to hire for $95,000 a year. To paraphrase that overused quote, what did they know and when did they know him. That’s funny.

In the 1996 World Series, The ATL won the first two games at old Yankee Stadium and then lost the next four to the Yankees of course.

By close to midnight this evening, we could be 0-3 or 1-2. Guess what? I am not sweating it! We need to win tonight – plain and simple, or else.  If we don’t, we don’t.


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