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For Nick Hellyar

Name the pitcher who has tossed the most innings in the 2019 postseason?

Commentary was at an H-Town City Council District H Candidates Forum last night, and a question was asked about the I-45 Expansion. The question was how about using the Hardy Toll Road to handle all the heavy traffic instead of I-45. Sigh! I am guessing the folks who drew up the question have never visited the neighborhoods along the Hardy Toll Road. They are low income. Mostly of the African American and Latino persuasion. And without political influence. Yeah, stick it to them. Dumb question.

The Harris County Clerk’s elections folks had a meeting and presentation with candidates and other political players yesterday on the upcoming election. I learned that all the Early Vote in Person locations will also be open on Election Day like Moody Park for instance.

The Chron E-Board endorsed Nick Hellyar today. Here is a part:

One, however, stands out for his knowledge of the inner workings of city hall: Nick Hellyar is a 37-year-old real estate agent with a “passion for municipal government” that grew out of early jobs working as constituent services manager for then-city council member James Rodriguez, whose three-term tenure representing District I ended in 2013.

Here is the entire E-Board take for Nick:

Way to go, Nick!

The GOP Texas House Speaker sure doesn’t look too smart this morning.

Gerrit Cole of course has pitched 22 2/3 innings to lead the 2019 postseason.

We will see if we can get a Game 4 in this evening.

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