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What is our won-loss record in Championship Series?

The $95,000 intern just won’t go away. I was told yesterday that it is being talked about by folks at civic club meetings. Not a good look folks.

The Chron has another story on the issue today. Here is the article:

The Chron E-Board weighed in on the matter today and here are parts of their take:

Buzbee has implied there is a personal relationship between Turner and Agumagu but has so far produced no evidence to back it up.

And this:

Meanwhile, there are other areas where the mayor has fallen short. Turner’s opponents should stick to the facts and fight to win on policy differences. Throwing around veiled allegations and innuendo is not a sign of good leadership — or character.

Here is the entire E-Board take:

Now let’s step back for a second. It wasn’t the Bill King Campaign or Tony Buzbee Campaign who manufactured this story. It was an investigative reporter from KPRC-TV Channel 2 news who broke the story. Somebody who doesn’t like the Mayor provided the info to Channel 2.

Commentary has no idea where this is headed. I don’t think the Chron E-Board does either from their take today. As they say in the TV news business, stay tuned!

In 1980, we lost the NLCS, 2-3.

In 1986, we lost the NLCS, 2-4.

In 2004, we lost the NLCS, 3-4.

In 2005, we won the NLCS, 4-2.

In 2017, we won the ALCS, 4-3.

In 2018, we lost the ALCS, 1-4.

Our Championship Series record is 16- 20, of course.

Wow! Last night was electric at The Yard. It was rocking. We did it!

It is Game 1 of the ALCS tomorrow at The Yard!

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