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Best of Five

How many runs have been scored by each team in the four games of this ALDS?

This is nearly six minutes of the $95,000 City of H-Town intern from Mario Diaz and Channel 2 news here:

Commentary admits to laughing throughout the story even though this is serious stuff. How do they think this is a good look? Nobody that I have talked to over the past few days on this think it is a good look. Even folks who support the H-Town Mayor. How does this happen?

Commentary likes to give my observations and oftentimes it goes against the talking points. What did folks expect GOP Harris County Commissioners Jack Cagle and Steve Radack to do yesterday? They didn’t have a choice but to bust the quorum. Their political base doesn’t want an increase in property taxes. To the GOP activists, the property tax is hated. The law says at least four members of Commissioners Court had to attend the meeting for a tax rate setting vote to happen. Every local GOP activist knew that. If Cage or Radack would have attended and property taxes were raised, their political careers would be over. They are looked at as heroes among GOP activists.

The Rays have scored 17 runs and we have scored 13 of course.

Commentary has said it on numerous occasions. The folks who run the Astros are smarter than the rest of us. That doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes. Going with Justin Verlander on three days of rest instead of four will be forgotten if we win tomorrow evening.

That’s why it is called a Best of Five series. We got Gerrit Cole on the mound to start tomorrow night. What is the problem?

Of course, the Rays did win 96 games this season.

It will be Thursday night baseball at The Yard.

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