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No Local Control

How many career postseason dingers do Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Carlos Correa and #SpringerDinger have?

Sigh! This headline from a story online in the Chron:

State will manage $4.3B Hurricane Harvey recovery funding, not local governments

How does that happen? Sigh! Can’t we handle our own recovery. Like two years later? Sigh! Local control does not exist. Sigh!

Here is what the Governor’s office said:

“Houston and Harris County have proven that they are unable to ensure victims are receiving resources in a timely manner.”

One more sigh!

Go check out the article.

Well what do you know? Hoops diplomacy came to H-Town yesterday, like we needed it. Commentary doesn’t have a problem with folks piling on the NBA or for that matter the Rockets for not standing up to China’s record on human rights. You look like a complete moron if you also don’t stand up against separating families at the border. Got it?

Takeaways from The Yard this past Friday and Saturday.

It sure was noisy. It was crowded getting through the concourse.

Saint Arnold increased from $12.50 in the regular season to $15.50 for the playoffs, the glass is a bit bigger and it is a plastic souvenir glass.

Those were dominating performances by Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole. In talking to folks, everyone says they each ought to get an equal share of the AL Cy Young.

I got to use hard copy tickets.

Both days I took the Metro Rail from Moody Park and then from Quitman. I tried to check if the Metro Rail fares were suspended for those going to the playoffs. I couldn’t find anything on it on their website, so I paid the buck and a quarter.

I spent a few minutes trying to find fans in Rays gear. Less than a handful.

The lines were long trying to get into The Yard.

Prior to the game, our group got together at a restaurant a block from The Yard.

Our plan for the away playoff games is a Montrose Tex-Mex eatery.

#SpingerDinger has 11 career postseason dingers, Jose Altuve 9, Carlos Correa 8 and Alex Bregman 7 of course.

The Chron predicted an Astros sweep in the ALDS. We will find out this afternoon.

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