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Dinged Toe

Tomorrow will be our 4th Game 1 of a playoff game since we have been in the American League. Name the teams we have played in the first playoff game since joining the AL?

Just so folks know, Jeff Luhnow is President of Baseball Operations and General Manager. Get it right, please.

My good friend, H-Town City Council Member Karla Cisneros dinged up her big toe yesterday evening when she was arriving at a community meeting. Commentary will spare you the very gory details. She will be hobbling around the next few days. Get well!

Governor Greg Abbott sent a threatening letter to the Mayor of Austin. He wants the City of Austin to clean up its homeless problem or else. Or ese what? Homelessness is one of the more complex problems and the State of Texas is going to fix it? The State of Texas? Sure! That’s funny. The State of Texas fixing something?

I watched the H-Town Mayoral debate last night that was sponsored by KTRK-TV and Univision. It was quite entertaining. You could tell who had command of the facts, who didn’t, who was too aggressive and who didn’t want to be there. Just saying.

Can we bar barge traffic under and around the I-10 Bridge at the San Jacinto River? That’s a GD major thoroughfare and part of it is going to be out of commission until sometime early next year. F_ck that! I go to Baytown on a regular basis and I don’t have time for this sh_t! That’s the second time this year a barge has slammed into the bridge and disrupted traffic.

The Chron E-Board started rolling out endorsements for the upcoming elections and District I Council Member Robert Gallegos got endorsed today.

In 2015, we played the Yankees and won at Yankee Stadium in the ALWC game, in 2017, we beat Red Sox in Game 1 of the ALDS at The Yard, and in 2018, we beat Cleveland in Game 1 of the ALDS, also at The Yard of course. Tomorrow afternoon it’s the Rays.

Well we get the Rays tomorrow and we don’t have to face Charlie Morton until Monday.

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