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Pay Grade

Our ALDS opponent will be decided this evening. How did we fare this season against the two AL Wild Card teams who face off?

Commentary is going to stay out of the aftermath of the Channel 2 news story from Monday evening. It is way, way above my pay grade. I will let the H-Town Mayor’s folks and Tony Buzbee’s folks duke it out.

This is above my pay grade.

Dos Centavos called the local media the H-Town Mayor’s opponents. That is not a good road to go down when you call the local media an opponent. That is the road Donald Trump travels.

Commentary respects the local media. Always have, always will. Sometimes we may disagree with coverage, but we need them. They are not opponents.

We lost the season series to the Rays 3 games to 4 of course this season and took the A’s 11 games to 8. I guess we prefer the A’s.

The only thing the Astros have to decide is who makes the playoff roster.

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