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Marvelous Marv

Name the MLB teams who are in the playoffs this season but were not in last season’s playoffs?

Here is a headline on HoustonChronicle.com:

Houston Republican Rep. Kevin Brady likens impeachment inquiry to a coup

The article doesn’t mention that Cong. Brady voted to impeach President Bill Clinton.  Oh, well.

Miya Shay has a real hilarious tweet this morning. Here it is:

1991 called and wants its Mayoral race back.

I guess she is talking about last night’s Channel 2 news story. Kind of a reminder of the Wayne Dolcefino Channel 13 news story right before the runoff election in 1991. Both stories involve the H-Town Mayor.

Who is Marvin Agumagu, and why does this dude get a $95,000 a year internship at H-Town City Hall? The City of H-Town Mayor’s trolls were silent on KPRC’s Mario Diaz lengthy piece last night on the $95,000 a year intern. Here is Diaz’s story:

Come on! There has to be a simple reason for this. Marvelous Marv if you ask Commentary.

That Tony Buzbee fella is certainly on it this morning.

Hilarious. More to come for sure.

Nobody looked good in the Channel 2 story, that’s for sure.

The Nationals, Rays, San Luis and Twins didn’t make the playoffs last season but are in this season of course.

I wonder if Marvelous Marv will throw out the first pitch this Friday afternoon at The Yard. Now that would also be hilarious.

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