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Same Tune

Heading into the final weekend of the regular season, name the MLB team with the highest team batting average?

This is the same old tune. Commentary is talking about underrating H-Town Council Member Karla Cisneros. She surprised most folks when she ran and won four years ago. Here is from today’s front page Chron story:

Asked how she would operate differently from City Councilwoman Karla Cisneros, the District H incumbent she is trying to unseat in November, Isabel Longoria did not mince words.

“What I would do different is … not be afraid to stand up to folks and say, here are the decisions we have to make — and not hide until the last minute because I’m scared to upset people,” Longoria, a former city planning commissioner and legislative policy aide, told the Chronicle editorial board last week.

Cisneros, a former HISD board president and first-term council member, shot back, “I’ve experienced this my whole life. I have a very feminine look about me, my voice is soft, and I can tell you that I am often underestimated. I’ve been called an iron fist in a velvet glove, for good reason.”

Here is the entire story:

As expected, CM Cisneros is not getting any of the endorsements, because the activists as always know better. Sure. I am sure they have been out there a lot in some of the older District H neighborhoods. Sure.

Same goes for some of the so-called City Hall insiders.

I saw this on ESPN’s website:

The Astros also are the first team to have three straight 100-win seasons in the same decade in which they had three 100-loss seasons (2011-13).

Carlos Correa will be off the rest of the weekend due to back issues. Correa first came up in 2015 and won NL Rookie of the Year. He had a healthy season in 2016. In 2017, he played in 109 games (thumb injury), in 2018, 110 games (back problems), and this season, 75 games (masseuse broke a rib and back problems). Injury prone?

The Astros of course lead MLB with a .275 team batting average followed by the Twins at .270.

We still need to clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

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