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No Other Choice

Gerrit Cole has struck out 316 hitters this season. When was the last season a pitcher struck out more than 316 hitters?

Commentary would have preferred the U.S. House of Representatives not go down the impeachment road, but Donald Trump gave us no other choice. To do nothing would have sent a strong signal throughout the world that the USA was Ok with lawlessness.

The phone call details were released this morning and Donald Trump did ask about Biden

From a Channel 11 poll conducted by Bob Stein:

Sylvester Turner 37%

Tony Buzbee 20%

Bill King 10%

Other 7%

Twenty-two percent of all voters are undecided and 5 percent wouldn’t say who they support.

See the story here: https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/sylvester-turner-leading-in-race-for-mayor-khou-11houston-public-media-poll-shows/285-534043c6-e757-47aa-bca0-d8679bc3ca73.

Tony Buzbee is spending a ton of dough.

Everyone will have a spin for sure on this today.

The Chron has a story on the local postal service situation. I didn’t learn anything new though.

In 2002, Randy Johnson with the D-Backs struck out 334 hitters of course.

103-54. Not bad at all.

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