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Haters Hate

What was our record after 156 games played during our 3 100 plus win seasons?

I guess folks are OK with the disruption in our postal service since the media has not covered the story. I wonder if the mail ballots were impacted.

I had to go to Baytown yesterday and it was a hassle since the I-10 bridge over the San Jacinto River is out of commission. Highway 225 was sure congested. I had to wait it out on the return. Thanks to the traffic app.

Last Saturday night, at The Yard, the Astros celebrated Latino Heritage Month and before the game had their Latino players stand behind their birth country or territory flag – Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Venezuela were displayed. The team posted the photos on social media and the haters came out and hated. You know, why aren’t they standing behind Old Glory. They couldn’t earn millions in their own country. Blah, blah, blah. These are the same folks who still wave the Johnny Reb flag. F_ck them!

After 156 games played, in 1998, the Astros were 98-58, in 2017, 96-60, and last season, 99-57 of course. Today, we are 102-54.

We are in Seattle for 2, the Yankees are in St. Pete for 2, and the Dodgers are in San Diego for 3. All three teams are on the road for the rest of the week.

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