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No Surrender

Commentary is not going to be one of those folks who just accepts that these days it is going to rain a lot and we are H-Town and it is going to flood and places and cars are going to get ruined and then we will dry out and wait for the next one. I am not going to surrender.

For those who stand and call for our public officials and candidates to tell us if they are going to take a stand on climate change? I will go one better. Who is going to go all in for better infrastructure?

Go look at the ballot language on the Metro bonds. It is about spending a few bil on more roads and not a goddamn word about easing flooding. Stick that up your climate change arse!

Just shut up!

Some folks were complaining yesterday about HISD having their schools open. Here is what they sent out yesterday afternoon:

Dear Parents and Community Members:

As weather conditions continue to develop across the Houston region as a result of Tropical Storm Imelda and we assess the status of all HISD campuses, the district is following established protocols for determining closures or delays at schools and district facilities.

This process includes:

Days before weather events, the interim superintendent engages in numerous conference calls with the National Weather Service, Houston TranStar, other city, county, and emergency management agencies, and school district superintendents from surrounding areas.

As the weather event nears, the frequency of the conference calls increases.

The morning of the weather event, the interim superintendent takes part in a conference call at 3 a.m. HISD Risk Management team also takes part in conference calls with emergency agencies.

Using data, analysis, and recommendations from the National Weather Service, TranStar and city, county, and emergency management agencies, the interim superintendent makes a decision on closures or delays considering the safety and welfare of students and staff.

In today’s case, the weather event unfortunately took a turn that was unforeseen by many area school districts and agencies. Throughout the day, we took proactive measures to keep our students and staff safe. We followed the emergency management officials’ advice to shelter in place and maintain normal dismissal times.

The safety of our students, parents and staff is always our number one priority, and we will continue to heed the advice of city and county leaders as well as emergency management officials in our decision-making process for campus and district operations.

Some school districts decided otherwise.

HISD cancelled classes for today.

I saw a first yesterday. There were vehicles sitting on the median up and down Heights Boulevard.

I-45 North and North Main is always a trap. It is also a go to visual for the media.

Some runaway barges slammed into the I-10 San Jacinto River Bridge.  It is closed.  I go over it when I go visit my Dad.  Sigh,

Commentary is not in a mood for MLB today. I am still drying out

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