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Debate Deal

Commentary watched the debate last night.

If you are going to name a winner, it was #BetoForAmerica.

If you are going to go after Julian Castro for going after Joe Biden, you need to shut up. All you are doing is serving as part of the Biden protection racket.

You need to go after Biden for being a rambler. Or better yet, you need to explain to Commentary the record player thing.

You think Castro was rough. Wait until Donald Trump.

Commentary will say it again. I prefer a nominee who is younger than me.

What is up with State Rep. Briscoe Punk?

Jorge Ramos last night used the term LatinX. It is not in my vocabulary. Who in the f_ck thought that word up anyway?

It seems to me if you qualify for a debate, and if you are a dude, you ought to wear a tie.  So now folks know you as the fella who doesn’t wear a tie to the debates.

There is not an MLB question today.

I am not going to get worked up about the Astros falling 2 games behind the Yankees with 14 games remaining. If we don’t have home field advantage, so be it. Nothing I can do about it except pay 12 and half bucks for a Saint Arnold.

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