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The Dome

94-50. Where were we sitting after 144 games during the seasons we won 100 plus?

I was at my Dad’s yesterday, and when I was ready to leave in the evening, I went outside, and his next door neighbor’s two big ugly arse dogs had gotten loose from their gated yard and were in my Dad’s front yard. They started barking at me. Hey, I don’t know what those dogs are capable of doing. After about a few minutes, the dogs’ owner came outside and retrieved his dogs. He told me his dogs didn’t bite. I replied that they sure weren’t polite. F_ck, they kept me from going outside for a few minutes. What is up with that?

Sigh. There is a Chron front page story on the latest update on the Astrodome. Nothing much is happening. It is not on the radar screen of Harris county Judge Lina Hidalgo. It is an article about nothing to report.

The Democratic Party top ten presidential candidates will be debating in H-Town this week. It is sort of a consolation prize for H-Town since H-Town was bypassed on the national convention deal because the H-Town Mayor and the H-Town Firefighters aren’t getting along. Thanks a lot, fellas.

Commentary was working yesterday and watching the game at the same time. We have a very good team.

I have to give it the Chron for their “21-run salute” sports page headline.

I have to give it to Tags for his highlight tweet that has close to a quarter of a million views. It is hilarious.

I have to give it to Gerrit Cole for allowing just one hit in eight innings.

In 2018, after 144 games, we were at 90-54, in 2017, 87-57, and in 1998, 91-53.

The A’s are in for four.

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