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Filthy Mayoral Forum

We are at 90-50. How many of the remaining 22 games do we need to win to have our best record ever in franchise history?

Kuffer has a take today on the enthusiasm level of the upcoming mayoral race. Here are parts:

We’ve discussed this before, but as a reminder what drives turnout in city elections is a high profile referendum on the ballot. Contested Mayoral races are a factor too, but the addition of a referendum is the difference between 2003 (381K votes, Metro light rail referendum) or 2015 (286K votes, HERO repeal) and 2009 (181K, no referendum). Even without a contested Mayor’s race, a sufficiently hot ballot item can bring a lot of voters out – see, for example, 2005 (332K, anti-gay marriage Constitutional amendment). The Metro referendum this year isn’t nearly as controversial as the 2003 one was, and there may not be any astroturf opposition effort to it, but Metro will be pushing voters to the polls as well as the candidates are, and that should boost turnout a bit.

I would also push back against the notion that no one pays much attention to the Mayoral races before Labor Day, and I’d point to the last three open Mayoral elections as evidence. Bill White was running those white-background ads in 2003 early on in the year. Annise Parker, Gene Locke, and Peter Brown were releasing position papers and talking about ideas for traffic, crime, neighborhoods, economic development, and a whole lot of other things well before September. The pension issue, HERO, and the Adrian Garcia will-he-or-won’t-he tease dominated 2015. Maybe it was just the more engaged voters tuning in, but speaking as one of those engaged voters, there was a lot more happening in those past elections than there has been in this one.

And this:

I mean, you tell me why the excitement level has been set to “Meh”. I don’t see a whole lot changing from here, and it will be turned up to 11 in the runoff. Welcome to election season, y’all.

Here is all of today’s Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=92060.

And here is from the Chron today on the mayoral forum that was held last night in Garden Oaks:

Mayor Sylvester Turner on Tuesday repeatedly accused his opponents of making “factually incorrect” allegations about his record as he came under fire at a candidate forum over the city’s budget, trash pickup and allegations of corruption.

The attacks, lobbed in front of a few hundred people at the Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet School, marked the first time Turner was forced to respond in real time to the criticism he has faced over the last several months from his challengers.

Turner’s opponents onstage — Kendall Baker, Dwight Boykins, Derrick Broze, Tony Buzbee, Naoufal Houjami, Bill King and Sue Lovell — each criticized him to varying degrees Tuesday for what they characterized as wasteful spending and inadequate work to mitigate flooding, an issue that has long plagued Houston.

Here is the entire Chron take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Turner-faces-persistent-criticism-at-first-14411922.php.

Commentary was there. The venue was the Garden Oaks Montessori gymnasium and there were a whole lot of folks there. A lot more than I expected.

Were they enthusiastic? No.

Were they attentive? Yes, most definitely.

Let me paraphrase my friend Sue Lovell from last night: By the size of this crowd, you are not happy.

She is talking about how the city is run.

Commentary mentioned a couple or so weeks ago that I have heard a lot of discussions with voters in recent months.  They are not happy.  We live in a kind of turbulent times.  We will see for sure.

I titled my take filthy mayoral forum today because they spent close to 45 minutes talking about the City of H-Town’s lousy job of recycling and trash pickup.  Look, trash pickup is a basic city service and we all know it has been messed up lately and don’t argue with me or I will have to post the photo of the three blue garbage trucks on my street at the same time a few weeks ago.

I don’t know why they allow the candidates who really aren’t running campaigns on the stage. It is kind of silly.

It looks like the pressure is on the GOP on this gun violence issue. Thoughts and prayers aren’t working. Select committees are in the works.

I got home last night and there was a message on my phone on an automated poll on the #TXHD148SpecialElection involving HCC Trustee Zeph Capo, HISD Trustee Elizabeth Santos, Penny Shaw, Kendra Camarena and Ryan McConnico. Interesting.

If we end up going 14-8 the rest of the way, we will end up at 104-58 for our best record ever of course.

Hope #SpringerDinger is doing better this morning.

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