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It is f__king embarrassing. Commentary is talking about on the heels of El Paso and Midland-Odessa, the talking heads on the flat screen were talking about the crazy gun laws that went into effect in Texas yesterday. We were being laughed at across the country. I for one was glad that GOP State Rep. Matt Schaefer of Tyler put out his crazyarse rant on that God-given gun right BS that was roundly and deservedly mocked on social media like worldwide. Keep it up, dude!

Gov. Greg Abbott came across looking helpless and clueless in Odessa yesterday. He is out of answers. His roundtables aren’t accomplishing squat. In the span of 22 months we’ve had four big ones on his watch: Sutherland Springs, Santa Fe, El Paso and what happened this past Saturday.

There have been 7 candidates to file in the #TXHD148SpecialElection as of Friday. Here is who is in:

Dems: Kendra Yarbrough Camarena, Anna Eastman, Dr. Terah Isaacson, Mia Mundy and Alva Trevino.

GOP: Luis La Rotta.

Chris Carmona has filed, and no party affiliation is listed. You should know that he has run before for this position as a GOPer.

Those who have filed treasurers but not plunked down the $750 filing fee are Adrian Garcia, Anna Nunez, Penny Shaw and Christopher Watt, all Dems.

HISD Trustee Elizabeth Santos put it out earlier that she is exploring running.

There are a couple or so out there supposedly running but I won’t name them because it is not my deal to put them out until they do it themselves.

This Special Election is not a stand alone special like the #TXSD6 and #TXHD145 specials. This special will be held in conjunction with the state constitutional amendments, City of H-Town, HISD and HCC trustee and Harris County Houston Metro elections. Voter turnout will be about 3 or 4 times that of a stand-alone special election. If Adrian Garcia (not the Harris County Commissioner) files, he could get a chunk of votes because of his name.

The filing deadline is 5 pm tomorrow.

Commentary will be helping my good friend Anna Eastman. I helped her on her 2009 and 2013 HISD Trustee elections. She won in 2009 with 51% of the vote and in 2013 with 77%.

Kuffer has a good take on the special here: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=92049.

There have been 4 no-nos tossed in MLB this season and we own 2 of them. How cool is that? I had the game on the flat screen yesterday while I dabbled on work. I started getting into the game in the bottom of the 7th. Justin Verlander was rocking for sure. We now have 13 no-nos in club history. We are tied for 9th with the A’s and Phillies among MLB clubs. The Dodgers lead with 26. Yankees have 11 and San Luis 9. That’s 13.

No MLB question today because you know why.

We are still 1 behind the Yankees and are in Milwaukee for 2 starting on this Labor Day.

Have a nice Labor Day!

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