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Trump Lite

Name the Astro batter who has been hit by a pitch the most this season among Astro hitters?

Governor Greg Abbott sometimes does his best to go Trump lite. Earlier this month his campaign sent out a fundraising letter demonizing immigrants. A day later El Paso happened. What a dumbarse move.

Yesterday, he admitted the letter was a mistake. Here is from the Chron:

Gov. Greg Abbott said Thursday he erred when his campaign sent a fundraising letter the day before the deadly attack in El Paso, telling supporters they needed to “defend Texas” from waves of illegal immigration.

“Mistakes were made, and course correction has been made,” Abbott said at his second Texas Safety Commission meeting in El Paso, adding that he spoke to the El Paso legislative delegation and “emphasized the importance of making sure that rhetoric will not be used in a dangerous way.”

Commentary would have preferred an apology. Knowing Abbott, he will go Trump lite again. Pathetic and pitiful.

Royko sent me this on my takes yesterday on the 2020 Texas State House races and CNN putting GOP liars on the air:

One might keep in mind, just as in the late 1980’s, when the Dems allowed all the criminals out on PR bonds, where the miscreants were back out raping, robbing and pillaging the same day, so too will there again be a backlash at the local ballot box.

My brother and sister-in-law were nearly killed by a DACA kid or an illegal alien, with no driver’s license or insurance, who ran a red light and caused a major injury accident on FM 1960 on a Saturday afternoon. Can’t find out if any warrant was issued, or if the DA ever prosecuted in Houston’s Sanctuary City. There are record numbers of Americans being injured and killed by drunk-driving illegal aliens.

And, if Queen Sheila keeps calling for reparations from all taxpayers, and Al Green wastes everyone’s time on impeaching Trump, and Lizzie wants abortion up to, and even after birth, you may not like the outcome next November.

Ok. Got it. Don’t release the tapes, please.

You know how you get those emails from the other side of the globe saying someone died and left you a kazillion dollars and please contact. I actually got one in the mail yesterday.

Astros catcher Robinson Chirinos has been plunked 11 times to lead the team of course in the HBP category.

A game behind the Yankees, 27 left, in Canada for 3.

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