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Name the MLB pitcher who has pitched the most innings this season?

The GOP has some folks politicking at driver’s license offices. I wouldn’t know.

My driver’s license was up for renewal in October and a couple of months or so ago, I renewed online and voila, my new license was received a couple of weeks later and I didn’t have to go stand in line. My vehicle registration was due at the end of this month and in early August I went and got my vehicle inspected, came home, went online and applied for my vehicle registration and voila, 8 or 9 days later, my registration stickers arrived. Saved me a trip to the courthouse where I would have paid for parking and stand in line. It works.

The racist, bigoted, homophobic HCC Trustee Dave Wilson resigned so he can run in another trustee district. Got it?

Here is Kuffer’s take: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=91999.

Ok, now. We know the deal. We can’t get bamboozled like they were 6 years ago. We got to keep calling him out and talk up our candidate Monica Flores Richart. Don’t be surprised if he pulls the same cr_p he pulled 6 years ago like being endorsed by his cousins Carl Alvarado and Silver Garcia or sending out mailers with Emiliano Zapata on them. This guy will go the bottom of stuff to win this thing so stay alert folks.

Justin Verlander of course leads MLB with 184 innings pitched. It could have been more, but he got tossed in the 6th inning last night.

86-47 and still a half game back

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