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Justin Verlander has struck out 239 batters and Gerrit Cole 238 to lead MLB. When was the last time an Astros pitcher ended the season leading MLB in strikeouts? BTW: Randy Johnson in 1998 doesn’t count because he wasn’t with us for the entire season.

Commentary has to admit that I have been entertained by the fallout of the meeting between the Texas House Speaker, the former Chair of the House GOP Caucus, and the Empower Texans fella. Instead of focusing on the 2020 elections, the GOP House Caucus is participating in a circular firing squad. Some of their members have been calling for the tape to be released. Some want a special Caucus meeting called – delicious.

We all know about the tapes juiciest parts so why release it? In fact, don’t release it. Keep things festered up my book. It is better for Dems. Don’t release the tape, pretty please.

Get a life, please. Commentary is talking about the folks who are still grousing about #PlayersWeekend. The all white and all black uniforms didn’t sit well with so called “purists.” Someone said the baseball diamond resembled a chessboard. That’s a good one. Someone said it was a disservice to baseball to not have the Yankees and Dodgers play each other in pinstripes and Dodger blue. Excuse me, while I gag on that one.

They didn’t change anything about the game other than the threads that were worn. A lot of these teams already have variations of uniforms like those gray or brown things the D-Backs wear on the road.

In 1987, Nolan Ryan led all pitchers with 270 batters that he struck out of course.

We are a half game behind the Dodgers and Yankees with a key series with the Rays starting this evening at The Yard.

Dollar Dog Night this evening.

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