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At the 132 game mark, we are 85-47. How were we after 132 games in 2018, 2017 and 1998?

As of this past weekend, the following had filed a campaign treasurer designations for the #TXHD148SpecialElection: Kendra Yarbrough Camarena, Terah Isaacson, Luis Humberto LaRotta, Mia Mundy, and Penny Shaw.

When was the last time the City of H-Town had an HPD officer indicted for murder while on duty?

This would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that a couple of innocent folks were knocked off. Here is from a news story on Channel 2 this past Friday:

Hours after the charges were announced, Chief Art Acevedo held his own news conference. The chief answered a lot of questions but did not want to answer one of Channel 2’s inquiries, telling reporter Sophia Beausoleil, “I’m not going to get into a debate with Mr. (Mario) Diaz you know on every little piece.”

The chief was not happy with a question regarding an exchange from last Feb. 15. During an interview, the chief said, “It’s really important for the community to realize, we still had a reason to be at that home.”

Channel 2 Investigates reminded Acevedo: “Chief, you indicated you had reason to be at that home. There appears to be no reason listed in this affidavit.”

Acevedo’s response was, “But remember, that affidavit is but one piece of a very comprehensive investigation.”

However, on Friday, when a reporter asked about it on two occasions, Acevedo had this reaction: “I stand by that. We had probable cause to be there.”

When the question of a right to be in the home was asked again, the chief said: “Tell Mario Diaz that I think it’s great that he’s watching and that I appreciate it, but the probable cause, let me just tell you this … if I was investigating this we would have done a search warrant based on what we knew, we would have done it right and we probably wouldn’t be here today.”

Here is the entire story: https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/hpd-chief-double-downs-on-comments-i-stand-by-that-we-had-probable-cause-to-be-there.

A far cry from the day they all stood in front of the mics right after the shooting. You know, the dirtbag press conference. Sigh!

The E-Board has a take today on the indictments.

The Chron’s Mike Morris had an eye-opening front-page story yesterday on two years after Hurricane Harvey and the City of H-Town. It is a must read. Powerful. Sad. Devastating.

Here is the article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Two-years-after-Harvey-has-Houston-lost-its-14373573.php.

I am flabbergasted. Wow!

Working in tandem, the Chron E-Board also put out a take. Here is their online headline:

Another Harvey? Houston isn’t ready.

And here is how it starts:

Ask officials if we’re better prepared today than we were when Hurricane Harvey made landfall in 2017, and the answer is as quick as it is alarming: No.

Ask why we are not better prepared, and the answer is more complicated but just as troubling.

Here is the E-Board take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Another-Harvey-Houston-isn-t-ready-Editorial-14374688.php.

It was #PlayersWeekend in MLB this past weekend and games featured teams wearing all white like the Astros or all black like the Angels. Some fans didn’t like the uniforms. In recent years, they have worn pink, light blue and camo, as long as the scoreboard is working, who cares?

In 2018, after 132 games, we were 81-51, in 2017, 79-53, and in 1998, 82-50, of course.

We have the day off.

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