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Free Press, Please

Name the player with the highest batting average in MLB this morning?

The Astros were dead wrong not allowing a credentialed member of the media into the clubhouse after the game Wednesday night. They violated the rules pure and simple and MLB ought to stick them with a fine and discipline the employee who ordered the action. I like Justin Verlander, but he doesn’t get to change the rules involving the media’s access. If Verlander doesn’t want to talk to a member of the media, just say I am not going to answer your questions. Those are the rules. They can’t do that.

From MLB Alyson Footer on the Astros breaking the rules:

Players are within their rights to not answer questions from reporters, or a particular reporter that they may have a problem with. Teams cannot block a reporter -a member of the BBWAA -from entering the clubhouse based on that alone. This isn’t debatable. It’s against the rules.

The Astros were completely wrong in this situation.

Here is what the Astro said:

This course of action was taken after taking into consideration the past history between (Detroit Free Press reporter Anthony) Fenech and (Verlander), Verlander’s legitimate concerns about past interactions with Fenech, and the best interests of the other media members working the game.

We chose to prioritize these factors when making this decision. Fenech was allowed access to the clubhouse shortly after other media members and had the opportunity to approach Verlander or any player he needed. We believe that our course of action in this isolated case was appropriate.

That is a pretty lame arse response if you ask Commentary.

Here is from the Baseball Writers:

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America is alarmed by the Houston Astros’ decision to restrict the clubhouse access of a reporter from the Detroit Free Press after Wednesday’s game against the Detroit Tigers. This action by the Astros violated the MLB club-media regulations, which are laid out in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and the BBWAA expects MLB to respond accordingly and promptly.

Lame arse Astros media folks.

Here is the takeaway from this. Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole at this point in the season are probably running neck and neck for the AL Cy Young Award. If Verlander ends up losing by a hair and the Detroit area baseball writers don’t vote for Verlander, then this incident will factor into the discussion in November when the winner is announced.

Justin Verlander and the lame arse Astros media fella will have nobody to blame but themselves.

Have folks not learned anything about pushing around the media these days? Oh, well.

Commentary is disappointed in the Astros.

Our own Michael Brantley of course leads MLB with a .338 batting average.

82-47 and the Angels are in town for the weekend.

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