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How many dingers has Justin Verlander given up this season?

Commentary is not going to say much about politics today.

We know we are in full campaign season mode when the H-Town Mayor called on Governor Greg Abbott to call a special session on guns. Huh? The mayor would have a better chance at getting the climate gods to give H-Town a 72 degree high temperature in August. Silly.

Last night was my first day at The Yard with netting and I am not happy. My view is obstructed. It is difficult to follow the flight of a fly ball. This is not what I signed up to pay for back in 2000. It is definitely not the same experience. I am looking to move.

Tonight is Thirsty Thursday at The Yard. Draft beer is supposed to be half price. A concession worker told me last night that they would be serving in smaller cups. Huh?

Justin Verlander has given up 33 dingers of course.

Last night was an unusual game for sure. Verlander gave up two dingers, the only two hits and baserunners he allowed. He pitched a complete game.  We lost 2-1. The game lasted 2:12. One of the shortest games I have ever been to.

We are now 3 behind the Dodgers and still 2 behind the Yankees.

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