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Happy Birthday, Dad!

The Astros have played 127 games. Name the Astro player who has played in the most games this season?

My Dad is 96 years old today!

I was with him yesterday and I made him breakfast – eggs, ham, beans and a tortilla. I went out and got him takeout for dinner – fish, mash potatoes and candied yams. We watched an old Frank Sinatra movie together, an Adolf Hitler piece on a history cable channel, and the ballgame. My Dad loves to watch the World War II related programs since he served in the European Theatre.

Commentary has told you before the battles and campaigns he was part of – Rome-Arno, Southern France, Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge), Rhineland and Central Europe. He had one paratrooper combat jump behind enemy lines. He also handled a 50 cal machine gun.

He was big in national LULAC in the late 1950s. He helped organize the Little School of 400. He successfully sued the City of Baytown and got single member city council districts.

He also had a few beers yesterday. His beer list that makes his fridge include Tecate, Tecate Light, Modelo Especial, Dos XX, Miller Light, Bud Light, Coors and Coors Light.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Commentary counted 24 Spanish language surnames on the ballot for City of H-Town elected positions this election season. I am sure this is a record. I know some of them. You have to figure that unless a non Spanish language surname candidate in certain races is pure domination, the Spanish language surname will get votes. Just watch.

Manuel Barrera sent me this on my HISD and TEA possible takeover take yesterday:

Well when one lives in a community where you live, I can understand why you think that way. Try going out in a world where the working men and women live.

I guess it was in response to this that I said:

Commentary may wrong on this, but I just don’t see a lot of folks from the community stepping up to defend the HISD Board and fight the takeover. Maybe the community has had enough.

A couple of things. I think I’ve spent plenty of time out in the community over the past few years. I might have mentioned it before. A few years ago, I lost an election and I went through a process that led me to find time to go out with my clients, err candidates when they go door to door. I wanted to know what the voters had on their minds. It also helps me determine if what the message the campaign is putting out is working. I have gone to an array of neighborhoods in H-Town, the Sheldon area, Pasadena and South Houston. Neighborhoods like Independence Heights, North Lindale, Woodland Heights, Old Sixth Ward, trailer parks, Eastwood, Pecan Park, Mason Park, Montie Beach, Park Place, Second Ward, and on and on. Heck, we were on Harding Street a couple of days before the botched raid. I doubt any other Dem political consultant in the H-Town area has been to as many doors as I have the past few years.

During this time, I have also attended more than my share of civic club meetings from affluent neighborhoods to not so affluent neighborhoods. I have heard what’s on the minds of voters. If I can sum up the general sense of my visits with voters would be that they are not satisfied with the level of service they are getting from their local government – schools included.

As to where I live, the neighborhood certainly wasn’t what it is now when I first moved in back in the late 1980s. Commentary is talking about the Heights. I won’t apologize for where I live.

Alex Bregman of course has played in 121 games to lead all Astros.

81-46 and two games behind the Dodger and Yankees for best record in MLB with 21 home games and 14 road games left on the schedule.

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