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My Goodness

Name the team with the lousiest record in MLB?

Filing deadline for the #TXHD148SpecialElection is Wednesday, September 4. There are ten folks who are in or are considering, according to what I am hearing.

HISD Trustee Elizabeth Santos says she is “exploring” a run for the position. Here is what Kuffer said about Santos’ “exploring”:

All due respect, but no. Not with all that is going on with the Board right now. I mean, I understand the desire to jump ship, but no.

Here is all of Kuffer:  http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=91893.

It is hard to argue with Kuffer on this. TEA is fixing to take over HISD and a HISD Trustee wants to run for State Representative? Over the past few days, in conversations Commentary has had with folks about the upcoming special election, the TEA takeover mess comes up every time Santos’ name is mentioned.

Meanwhile, the HISD Board is fighting back in court. Here is this from the Chron:

Commentary may wrong on this, but I just don’t see a lot of folks from the community stepping up to defend the HISD Board and fight the takeover. Maybe the community has had enough. We will see.

My goodness. There are a bunch of folks running for City of H-Town offices.

Here is how the Chron start their story on the election season:

More than 125 candidates turned in paperwork to run for city office by Monday’s filing deadline, setting up a packed November ballot likely to leave every incumbent with at least one opponent.

The unusually crowded field is driven largely by the city’s move in 2015 to extend term limits, allowing officials to serve two four-year terms instead of three two-year terms, said Rice University political science Professor Bob Stein.

“It used to be that you just wouldn’t run against an incumbent. You would wait until they term-limited out,” Stein said. “Candidates are no longer getting the two-year pass.”

The Tigers of course at 37-85 have the lousiest record in MLB.

We need to sweep the remaining three with the Tigers.

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