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HISD Today

71 years ago, today, Babe Ruth, arguably, the greatest baseball player ever, died. Care to guess how old the Great Bambino was when he passed?

Well, we woke up this morning and still have an active HISD Board of Trustees.

Here is part of Ted Oberg’s take on the current HISD situation:

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Despite incredibly hard work by HISD students, teachers, administrators and parents to raise accountability ratings, it was not enough.

The chronic low scores at HISD’s Wheatley High School leave the Texas Education Commissioner with no choice under state law but to close the campus or overturn an election, kick out the entire Houston school board and appoint a new one.

According to state education leaders who spoke with 13 Investigates, that takeover now seems increasingly likely.

State Sen. Paul Bettencourt, a Republican from Houston and member of the State Senate Education Committee, told ABC13, “I’ve never had any criticism for the interim superintendent (Dr. Grenita Lathan) and will not, because she’s not the problem. The problem is the board of trustees and everybody out there knows it, and that’s what needs to be replaced.”

State Rep. Dan Huberty, also a Houston Republican and chair of the Texas House Education Committee, echoed Bettencourt’s assessment.

“If you have leadership problems at the top, uh, governance issues at the top, sooner or later, you’ve got to fix it and you can’t let it go on forever,” Huberty said.

It could be late fall before the official decision comes down. State accountability ratings aren’t finalized until November, but HISD does not appear to be fighting the accountability ratings.
And this:

Even in the midst of a Thursday morning celebration of rising test scores at Houston’s Kashmere High School, current HISD board member Jolanda Jones said given the level of board dysfunction, a state takeover may be the lesser of two evils.

“I never thought I would ever say that I believe that elected board needed to be replaced, but the alternative is worse,” Jones told the crowd.

Here is all of Oberg’s take:  https://abc13.com/politics/hisd-facing-near-certain-state-takeover-on-multiple-fronts/5470945/.

If Trustee Jones says a takeover is better. Well?

Filing deadline for HISD Trustee positions is this Monday at 5 pm. Stay tuned!

The Sultan of Swat was 53 years of age when he died on this day of course in 1948.

We are playing like the third best team in MLB. Commentary is not letting myself get worked up over our current three game losing streak. The players know what to do. Justin Verlander starts tonight

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