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We will know today if we make history. Commentary is talking about TEA announcing a conservator and board of managers and taking over HISD.

A lot of H-Town folks don’t want this. Some do.

HISD Trustee Sue Diegaard has an Op-Ed in today’s Chron. Here is the headline from the hard copy:

HISD board failed to make children a priority

Here is how it ends:

I do not know what lies on the other side of the TEA investigation or whether any of our longest-struggling schools will trigger sanctions under HB1842 this month, either of which could result in the replacement of the current board with an appointed board of managers. What I do know is that I refuse to defend the failures of the board to prioritize the education of our students.

The public needs to hold us accountable to the commitments we’ve made to our students. And we must also be accountable to honoring the transparency in government that is essential to our democracy.

If we can’t cooperate with state officials and can’t stop spending tax dollars on lawyers to try to fight the public release of documents, we’re failing our constituents. We must focus less of our attention on our own well-being as adults and more on our students’ wellbeing.

No exceptions. No excuses. We must do so as if the future of our children depends on it, because it does.

If we can’t, then the public should call for a replacement of the entire board, no matter where the TEA investigation leads. Voters elected us to meet these goals. We need to change the way we work or get out of the way.

Here is the entire Op-Ed:

Not a good Op-Ed. She ought to know.

All we can do is wait.

No MLB question today.

We are now two and a half games behind the Yankees and Dodgers for the best record in MLB. Our relief pitching melted down yesterday. Oh, well.

We are in Oakland for four.

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