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After 118 games, the Astros have 77 wins. How many games had we won at the 118 game mark during our 100 plus win seasons of 1998, 2017 and 2018?

Sigh! I saw this a while back and just sighed. Now Kuffer has put it out today and I am sighing again. Here is from public radio:

At Wednesday’s council meeting, District E Councilmember Dave Martin said the city should consider redrawing city council district boundaries, particularly in his own district.

District E includes two far-flung suburbs, Kingwood and Clear Lake. Martin said it’s a “ridiculously arranged council district” where it is difficult to coordinate meetings.

“I’ve always felt that the folks in Clear Lake do indeed deserve their own representation there, because it is tough for someone to drive 60 miles on a weekend to get to a certain area,” Martin said.

Mayor Sylvester Turner agreed with Martin’s assessment of District E.

“I will tell you it is an interesting drawing,” Turner said. “Because you certainly cannot go from Kingwood to Clear Lake for a town hall meeting, two town hall meetings.”

Here is the entire story:

Here is Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=91664.

Sigh! This is a non-starter. Everyone should know better.

It is City of H-Town redistricting 101, folks. The reason Clear Lake and Kingwood are in the same council district and connected by waterways and dots is because if they weren’t, they would have a negative impact on African American and Latino council districts – period.  That is the way it is.

CM Martin should and probably knows that but is just trying to stir sh_t up. He should have known that when he first ran for city council.

The H-Town Mayor should know that or have someone who works for him who should know that.  A non-starter folks.


Manuel Barrera sent me a response on my response from yesterday. Here it is:

Marc so that is your response I guess you forgot how Rod Paige got to be the superintendent. But I am glad that you finally show some concern for the immigrants without paper now.

Back in 1994, when some members of the HISD Board of Education pulled a fast one and selected Dr. Rod Paige as the Superintendent, I like many in the Latino community was not happy. Back then, we didn’t have electronic social media, so folks couldn’t go online and express immediate outrage and concern. We had a few community meetings where folks vented, and I think a lawsuit was even filed. I told anyone who would listen that we, the Latino community, had let our guard down. We knew that there was a vacancy and we sat on our arses and didn’t get organized. Our fault.

Back then, cell phones were kind of primitive. We didn’t have text messaging or emails so there wasn’t a trail so to speak of what was going on behind the scenes. I think they took depositions during the lawsuit, the local media talked to some folks and reported on it, and former HISD Trustee Don McAdams wrote a book that included his version of the events.

Don’t get me wrong though. I got along with Dr. Paige during his years running HISD. The selection process spoke for itself.

On the immigration stuff, I am not going into the times I spent over on Emancipation Avenue in the rain or sweltering heat or at the Reflection Pool at City Hall since families started being separated. I am not going to elaborate on folks who have been a big part of my life, who have dealt with challenges and situations living in this country. That’s all I will say on that.

In a Chron article today, the Sen. John Cornyn Campaign called U.S. Senate Dem candidate Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez a “true progressive.” I’ll take that. I would shout out a name and label at Cornyn but he probably couldn’t hear because he has is head up so far up Donald Trump’s, err well you get the picture.

The Texas Rangers will be investigating the Texas House Speaker and the meeting. The Rangers don’t have a shot at the playoffs, so what the heck.

Yesterday was August 11, and the Astros still have 44 games left and they released next season’s schedule. Huh! We host the Angels on Opening Day, Thursday, March 26. Most of our interleague games will be with the NL East. We go to play in Citi Field, D.C., and end the season in The ATL. We host the Mets, Philly and the Fish. We ago to Arizona for two and host them for two. The Yankees and the Red Sox visit on separate weekends in May. Our last roadie includes a series at Yankee Stadium. We host the A’s on Memorial Day, play in D.C. on the Fourth of July and are in Anaheim on Labor Day. We get to visit the Rangers’ new crib on Friday, April 10. Of our first nine home games, seven are against the Angels. That is all you need to know about the schedule.

After 118 games, in 1998 the Astros had won 72 games, in 2017, 72 and last season, 73.

Let’s play 2 in Chicago today!

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