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I Buried Paul

Name the MLB club whose hitters have struck out the least?

Manuel Barrera sent me this on my take yesterday on HISD and the TEA report:

Have you read the report Marc? You are like the people that believed William Barr’s interpretation of the Mueller Report. My experience has shown that Chronicle reporter have a strong anti-Latino bias. At least wait until the Chronicle publishes the report before you pass judgment.

Fair point. I have admitted before when I get it wrong. If this turns out to be much ado about nothing, I will say it and apologize. BTW: William Barr is full of sh_t.

Here is the report: https://www.scribd.com/document/421252293/Texas-Education-Agency-Investigation-Report-Houston-ISD.

I went over it this morning. On five HISD Trustees walking a quorum stuff, it doesn’t look good. On a HISD Trustee messing with contracts, about the only defense would be to call HISD administrators untruthful or making stuff up.

Donald Trump was talking about his crowd rally size at the El Paso hospital a couple of days ago. Not a single GOP talking head was on CNN yesterday trying to defend him.

The reason I like my Astros seats is because they are right there next to the field. I have had the Big Puma nearly land in my lap and the Flying Hawaiian literally flew into the seats next to me. I often feel like I am right there where the action is. Not anymore. The Astros announced yesterday they are putting up netting in front of my seats. Adios, foul balls.

If they are going to extend the netting, where are the kids going to get autographs before the game? I always take napkins with me when I go down to my seats, because often times kids have been standing on my seats. I use the napkins to wipe off the dirt.

Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of the Abbey Road album cover photo shoot. Yesterday, on the Sirius XM Beatles Channel, they were talking about the photo and the Abbey Road album that was released in September of 1969. The discussion then turned to the Paul is Dead thing that happened at around that time. The Abbey Road cover photo was a key point on the Paul is Dead thing that radio stations put out for a short period of time then. On the album cover Paul walking barefoot was how they buried a body, without shoes. Ringo in dark clothing was the undertaker. John in a white suit was an angelic figure. George in denim was a gravedigger. They also mentioned John supposedly saying at the end of “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “I buried Paul.” Listen closely at the end and that’s what it sounds like. I also remember having a reel to reel gizmo and playing “Revolution 9” and the chorus in the lyrics consist of “number nine, number nine, number nine” and when you play that part backwards on the reel to reel, it sounds like “turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man.” That’s what we were up to 50 years ago at around this time.

Astros hitters have struck out the least number of times this season with 825 whiffs of course.

We play 10 straight days on the road followed by 7 straight days at The Yard. That’s 17 in a row. The menu includes B’More, White Sox, A’s, Tigers and Angels. I know, I know, I should refrain from using terms like menu. I should have more respect for the other teams.

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