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Justin Verlander is 15-4 and Gerrit Cole is 14-5. They could very well reach 20-win seasons. Have we ever had a season where two Astros pitchers won 20 or more games?

According to news reports last night, the injured in the El Paso shooting said no to a visit from Donald Trump. I don’t blame them.

I am probably going to catch flack for what I post on this. I have to, though. Our local Latino political leaders are not perfect. I have in the past called out our leadership. This isn’t a good look for all Latinas and Latinos who work to empower the local Latino political community.

TEA is one step closer to taking over HISD. Talk about a letdown. Check this from the Chron:

Through interviews and a review of text messages, state investigators determined the five trustees — Board President Diana Dávila, Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca, Sergio Lira, Elizabeth Santos and Anne Sung — secretly met with former HISD superintendent Abelardo Saavedra in two separate groups to coordinate ousting Lathan and installing him as interim superintendent. The meetings took place at a Houston restaurant on the same day in October 2018, the report said. Investigators determined that arrangement constituted a “walking quorum,” in violation of state law that requires trustees to conduct district business in public.

Here is the entire Chron article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/education/article/TEA-investigative-report-cites-misconduct-14288680.php.

If you are not a Chron subscriber, go fetch you a copy and check this story out.

It is certainly not the local Latino political community’s finest hour. We have been let down by our Latino HISD Trustees, for sure. Don’t argue with me.

This looks like a whitewash to Commentary. Commentary is talking about the City of H-Town recycling mess. Here is the Channel 11 news story: https://www.khou.com/article/news/investigations/recycling-trashed-city-audit-confirms-1300-tons-of-recyclables-were-sent-to-a-landfill/285-43849e1c-65c3-4fcb-8be6-1f0756d40c5a.

Here is the entire story by KHOU-TV’s Jeremy Rogalski:

HOUSTON — An internal City of Houston audit confirms what KHOU 11 Investigates uncovered about the handling of curbside recyclables: 2.6 million pounds ended up at the landfill in the first five months of this year.

The 12-page report, drafted by Chenella Queen, Senior Auditor for the Solid Waste Management Department, identified a total of 532 mishandled incidents across every sector of the city from January to June.

The 1,301 mishandled tons were about 11 percent of all recycling properly collected during that time.

The scope of the audit covered more than 11,700 documents related to daily driver work performance as well as landfill disposal data.

It also included interviews with solid waste truck drivers, supervisors, a senior superintendent, deputy assistant directors, deputy directors and Harry Hayes, the Solid Waste Management Department director.

It stated that solid waste drivers did an “excellent job” of documenting their activities in daily work logs, but supervisors failed to react or respond to entries that showed policy violations.

The report never states that management directed employees to haul recyclables off to the dump. One environmental watchdog said that doesn’t add up, given the number of incidents over so many months.

“From my experience, this is not the case of rogue drivers,” said Robin Schneider, Executive Director of the Texas Campaign for the Environment.

“I would put money on the fact that this was some level of supervisor that was directing people to do this,” Schneider said.

The audit suggested in some cases, mixing recycling with garbage was a consequence of sloppy practices rather than intentional rule breaking.

“A process should be put in place and strictly enforced which identifies partial loads remaining on trucks overnight or through the weekend,” Senior Auditor Queen wrote.

“In several instances employees unknowingly used a “parked” truck that contained either garbage or recycling and took that unit to their work route, thereby mixing the load unknowingly” Queen wrote.

But another audit finding pointed to a more deliberate disregard of city policy.
Mayor Sylvester Turner had a memo issued April 24 threatening “immediate disciplinary action” for any employee violating recycling rules.

Despite that directive, the audit found 106 mishandling incidents after the memo was issued.

“I think the mayor needs to seriously look at a change at the top,” Schneider said. “Firing a few truck drivers does not solve the problem at this department.”

In a cover letter to Mayor Turner, Solid Waste Management Director Harry Hayes said he “will administer corrective action per city/department policies.”

Hayes said that discipline will cover employees and members of the management team.

He did not say how many workers would be punished or how high up the discipline would reach.

A few takes on this.

Why is the head of Solid Waste still there?

This report only covers from January of this year. You gotta figure a kazillion loads were taken to the landfill in previous years.

This is a major breach of trust with H-Town residents who take the time to sort their recyclables. Pathetic.

Did I say this was a whitewash?

In 1999, Mike Hampton went 22-4 and Jose Lima 21-10 of course.

Yuli Gurriel tied the club record yesterday with 8 RBIs. Yuli has been on fire and guess what? He bats seventh!

75-40. Off today. Start a 10 game roadie in B’More tomorrow.

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