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This hits home and this gets personal. My niece, Linda, from Laredo posted this a couple of days ago:

We live in very sad times when your 11-year-old is scared and nervous to go with you to the grocery store. It’s even more disturbing when the conversation includes, “I don’t understand why people hate me just because I’m Mexican.” This madness has to stop, the inflaming, racist rhetoric has to stop, and we need to reclaim our country.

She lives in a border community where 96% of the population is of the Latino persuasion. How does a Latino or Latina feel getting out of their car at a Laredo HEB parking lot and watching a young white fella that you don’t know drive into the lot?

Next time I see my family that still live in Laredo, they will get extra hugs from their Uncle Marc.

Commentary thinks the next thing the Texas House Speaker will be sending out is his resignation letter.

Let’s see. Folks max out to the Donald Trump Campaign. Anyone who can access the internet can check out who is giving money to Trump, where they are from, and what they do.

Newspapers write about this all the time.

Cong. Joaquin Castro post the names of the maxed-out Trump donors from SA and the right freaks out. They said it is dangerous. So, I guess giving to Trump and having it out there for everyone to know is risky – got it.

Texas newspapers ran a story last month about two folks giving Gov. Greg Abbott a mil each and where was the outcry?

Shut up.

74-40. 9 game lead. Keep winning!

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