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Killing Mexicans

Commentary has been thinking about putting this out for a while now. It won’t happen in my lifetime or in yours – well, at least most of yours. The Second Amendment will be repealed by the end of this century. I don’t think the gun manufacturers and the NRA can keep this sh_t up for the next 81 years. Just saying

That was a first. Commentary is talking about two mass shootings in the same news cycle.

Killing Mexicans. It is on you, Donald Trump. Your white nationalist hateful rhetoric got to El Paso, Texas. Your mission was accomplished. Isn’t that what you wanted?

The fact that the murderer drove hours to kill Mexicans and twenty bodies later finally has some GOP elected officials saying it is white terrorism. That’s progress in my book. They still need to call out Trump and his racist rhetoric.

On this Mexican invasion of Texas. F_ck you, mother f__ker! We were here second, behind Native Americans.

My niece, Cristina, her hubby, Alex, is from El Paso, and his family is Ok. My nephew Dave, his son, Jackson’s grandma and family are from El Paso, and his family is Ok.

I never mention this. Being Latino all my life, I have had my share of discrimination but not even close to what an African American my age has endured. Or even to what a darker skinned Latino had experienced. My Dad is a darker skinned Latino, my Mom was not so much. My older sister, late older brother and me, were lighter skinned. My younger sister got the darker pigmentation treatment.

Being a lighter skinned Latino, I definitely knew I didn’t get the full brunt of discrimination. I can’t tell you the number of times I have had to break the news to folks who didn’t know me that I was of the Latino persuasion. There have also been a few times in my life where Latino folks who didn’t know me would say something about me in Spanish thinking I wasn’t one of them and couldn’t understand, then I would correct them in Spanish. (That’s been cool and fun to do.) I have never thought that I should be thankful or lucky that I was lighter skinned. Those were the cards I was dealt

This is how the Chron E-Board ends their take today on calling out Gov. Greg Abbott on doing absolutely nothing on ending gun violence:

Gov. Abbott, why make it easier? Admit the obvious: guns are part of the equation. Do the obvious: condemn hate in all its forms and lead lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats, to pass commonsense gun reforms that don’t violate Texans’ rights.

Governor, three mass shootings in 22 months. Fifty-six Texans killed. A church, a school, a Walmart.

Texas needs a leader. Somewhere, you have the courage to save lives. Find it — or body counts and memorials will be your most enduring legacy.

Here is the entire take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Abbott-vowed-to-lead-on-guns-and-safety-He-14280113.php.

The H-Town Mayor’s Campaign got what they paid for Saturday afternoon at the GLBT Political Caucus endorsement meeting. I don’t understand why they have a rule where you can’t video or take photos at the meeting and tweet them out. It does not seem First Amendment friendly like or free democracy like. I don’t think any other endorsing groups have that rule. I also didn’t like some GLBTer saying this was their house meaning non-GLBTers should not be there. That’s all Commentary has to say about that.

Commentary said this last Friday:

Here is what is going on with the rash of announcements of GOPers in Congress and the #Txlege throwing in the towel. It is going to be harder for them to win reelection or/and they can no longer go to sleep being an elected official in a GOP that is led by a racist and liar. Pretty simple to Commentary. There is only so much you can take. They are human beings after all.

The GOP Congressman for #TXCD24 is throwing in the towel. Not surprised. Just see the above.

It is very difficult to pivot to the Astros, but I will try.

There are not very many people in the universe who have witnessed two combined MLB no-nos. Commentary is proud to say he is in that elite group. Commentary was at old Yankee Stadium on June 11, 2003, when the Astros tossed a combined no-no with six pitchers: Roy Oswalt, Peter Munro, Kirk Saarloos, Brad Lidge, Octavio Dotel and Billy Wagner. We won that game 8 zip. I was also at The Yard Saturday evening when Aaron Sanchez, Will Harris, Joe Biagini and Chris Devinski, tossed a no-no against the Mariners and beat them 9 zip.

Commentary was in the restroom right after the seventh inning when I overheard a fella say something about the no-no jinx, then I heard on the radio telecast that you get in the restrooms that the Mariners didn’t have any hits. I rushed out and looked at the scoreboard and sure enough. The last two innings were certainly tense. Wow.

For Sanchez and Biagini, that was the first time they got into a game as Astros, so that is cool!

We are playing great baseball and have today off.

There is no MLB question today.

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