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Astros Rock

In what year did new Astro Zack Greinke make his MLB debut?

We loaded up on some players yesterday including pitcher Zack Greinke, a future Hall of Famer. Wow! Of the current top 15 starting pitchers in MLB, four are now wearing the orange and blue – Greinke, Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole and Wade Miley. The front office is going all in to win us another World Series ring this October. That’s for sure.

This is what Sen. Carol Alvarado said on the Senate Floor back in March about Jeff Luhnow:

And finally, the mastermind behind the success of the Astros, President of Baseball Operations and General Manager Jeff Luhnow. Jeff has developed the best baseball operation in all of MLB and he has blazed the trail in data analytics.

Jeff is also a favorite of local Telemundo and Univision because of his fluency in Spanish.

I guess there is a reason my Astros tickets are going up by 10% next season and we have to start coughing up some of the dough in a couple of weeks.

CNN reads Commentary. Debate moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash gave the candidates a lot more leeway last night. They were not annoying.

Commentary has a lot of praise for the Barack Obama presidency. However, a lot of immigrant activists that I respect had problems with his deportations. It is fair game to go after former VP Joe Biden on this issue. Biden was very weak last night on his responses.

Sen. Kamala Harris took incoming last night and handled it well.

Sen. Cory Booker was good. Ditto on former HUD Secretary Julian Castro.

That’s entertainment. Commentary is talking about the Texas House Speaker and the Empower Texans fella who claims to have recorded the meeting that never should have been held. If there is a recording, it is over for the Texas House Speaker. Stay tuned for sure.

Zack Greinke made his MLB debut on May 22, 2004 against the A’s of course. Greinke and Commentary share the same birthday. Cool.

We are loaded. No excuses.

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