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On July 31, we have the best record in the AL and still a half game behind the Dodgers for best record in MLB. 69-39, baby! What was our record last season after 108 games?

Commentary watched the CNN debate last night and thought Jake Tapper and Dana Bash did a very lousy job of moderating. They interrupted way too many times. It was downright annoying. Give the candidates some leeway. Commentary wanted to hear responses, not Tapper and Bash cut them off. CNN did us a disservice. Annoying!

They also went after the most liberal candidates, in my opinion.  They didn’t really pose the tough questions against the moderate white dudes. It was a pitiful performance by Bash and Tapper. I expected better. They sucked.

I am betting they will go after Kamala Harris this evening.

Don Lemon did Ok. I wish they would let Lemon handle it all this evening.

I think Sen. Elizabeth Warren demonstrated last night that she can handle Donald Trump.

U.S. Senate candidate Chris Bell had a good line yesterday in an email he sent out. Here it is:

I am perfectly positioned to win and then go on to face John Cornyn, Donald Trump’s newfound water boy.

I would have gone with Trump’s arse kisser.

On the Texas House Speaker meeting with the Empower Texans fella, I saw how some are calling it the Bonnenghazi mess.  That is a good one.

After 108 games last season, we were 67-41 of course.

By 3 pm this afternoon, we will know if we have added any players to help us win a championship.

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