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No Mas

According to MLB stats, who has the highest batting average over the past 30 games?

Commentary doesn’t blame GOP Cong. Pete Olson of #CD22 for not running again. It would have been a hard race for him. At some point you have to say, no mas.

The lead story in today’s Chron is this headline: City unveils plan to fight climate change. Sorry. A very slow news day. Commentary is laughing. The way the City can fight climate change is to go all in and battle the I-45 extension boondoggle. Ridiculous.

Speaking of the City of H-Town. They have two messes that folks want more info on: The botched Harding Street Raid and the systematic garbage recycling fiasco. Heads need to roll. We are waiting.

Tyler White and Tony Kemp are no longer with the Astros. On the Kemp deal, I think it would be fitting to do away with the homer hugs.

According to MLB stats, Yuli Gurriel of course has the highest batting average over the past 30 games – on fire at .383.

BTW: Michael Brantley is batting .358 over the past 30 games and Jose Altuve .347. Just saying.

Only 1 game separates the Yankees, Dodger and Astros for the best record in MLB.

We are in San Luis for the weekend. San Luis is tied for first in the NL Central.

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