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No Exoneration

It is the last week of July. Justin Verlander will start today. His record is 12-4. What was his won-loss record last season?

As of this posting, no exoneration is the big takeaway of the Robert Mueller hearing this morning. Also add Donald Trump can be indicted after 2020. That is good enough for Commentary.

The other takeaways are GOP Congress Members Gaetz from Florida, Jordan from Ohio and Goober from Texas are fools.

This went out today:

Senator Carol Alvarado Endorses Senator Royce West for U.S. Senator

I am so proud to support my friend and colleague Senator Royce West as the next U.S. Senator for the state of Texas. I have known and worked with Senator West since I entered the Texas Legislature, during which time I have been consistently impressed by his integrity, hard work, and commitment to helping the people of the state of Texas. Senator West will make an outstanding U.S. Senator.

Senator West has served in the Texas State Senate for 26 years and currently serves on the Education, Higher Education, Transportation and Finance committees. He has been an effective and articulate leader on healthcare, criminal justice, education, and economic development issues.

Senator West brings an abundance of experience, knowledge and preparation to this campaign. I look forward to campaigning on behalf of Senator West in Senate District 6 and throughout the state.

The lead story in the Chron’s Lifestyle, err Flavor section today is pickle juice and the yummy things you can do with pickle juice. They have recipes for dill pickle popsicles, pickle juice bloody Mary, dill pickle cheese ball, and dill pickle ranch pasta salad. Growing up in Baytown, one of the movie theaters sold pickle juice in a cup. Commentary never tried it.

My Best friend and I were at the game last night and we were both mildly surprised that starting pitcher Wade Miley came out to pitch in the ninth inning with the Astros leading 2 zip. Yeah, yeah, his pitch count was under 100. Yeah, yeah, let him try to close it out. Problem is, not a single Astro has thrown a complete game this season. Plus, Miley’s strike to ball ratio was 60% to 40%. Sure enough, he walked the first batter and then the next batter got a base hit and we know the rest of the story. Not a good move by the Skipper.

Justin Verlander was 16-9 last season of course.

We should have won last night. Roberto Osuna should have been brought in to start the ninth.

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