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Debate Draw

How many interleague games remain on our schedule?

H-Town City Council Member Amanda Edwards is a female millennial of the African American persuasion.  If she is the Democratic Party nominee for the U.S. Senate, expect Sen. John Cornyn and the GOP to go full bore Squad on her.  That’s their playbook these days.  That’s what you play when you have your head up Donald Trump’s arse.  Hope CM Edwards has a thick skin.

Commentary watched CNN’s debate draw last night and I actually found it entertaining. They made pulling names and dates out of a box interesting. I was rooting for a former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris rematch and we got it. I was hoping #BetoForAmerica and Secretary Julian Castro wouldn’t be on the same stage and they are not.

Last night on CNN, the talking heads were discussing how Biden should deal with questions on his segregationists Senator pals and busing at the next debate. Great. Meanwhile, the CNN producers and researcher are now working on how to pose questions to Biden on segregationists Senators and busing. The next debate is on CNN.

Royko sent me this yesterday after my take:

The Dem talking point focus of trying to make Trump and Republicans the party of racists will fail. The Republican party is the abolitionist party, and has continued to fight against the Democrat racists. The Republicans continue to fight for the lives of the unborn minority babies that the Dems want to abort all the way up to the moment of birth.

Voters will be wondering before election day:

Is there not a baby the Dems would not allow to be aborted?

Is there not an oppressive regulation the Dems would not enact? The Dems AGAIN want to take guns away from Black citizens.

Is there not a Tax the Dems would not impose on the citizens? The middle class know they are the ones who will have to pay for all the free stuff the Dems are giving to the illegal aliens.

And this:

If you think Dem candidate “Pocahontas” Warren is going to be a game changer, then you will need to send the “squad” and the rest of the Dem “tribe” to drag her off the debate stage. Thanks for the chuckle.

Got it. Thank you.

Oh, yeah. Trump supporters defended him on his “send her back” rally then Trump said he didn’t like the chants and he said he tried to stop them. He didn’t. He lied. Again. His supporters looked like chumps. Again.

We still have seven interleague games to play of course, three in San Luis next weekend, two at The Yard against the Rockies next month, and two in Milwaukee in September.

We host the Rangers this weekend.

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