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Solid Mess

There are 24 MLB players with 100 or more base hits this season. How many are Astros?

I think Commentary is paying around $63 every four weeks to have my Chron delivered. I wish more folks would subscribe. They have a photo on page A3 today accompanying a story on the Harris County Clerk’s pitch to buy new voting machines. There are two folks in the photo, and one is identified. The other person in the photo is not identified and happens to be State Rep. Christina Morales. I remember the days when the Chron wouldn’t make this oversight.

Commentary will be shocked if the head of the City of H-Town’s Solid Waste Department still has a job by the end of the day today. This is absolutely indefensible! How can this happen? Here is from Jeremy Rogalski and Channel 11 news:

2.6M pounds of Houston recyclables tossed in landfill

Records reveal city broke its own recycling rules hundreds of times.

By Jeremy Rogalski

HOUSTON — The City of Houston broke its own recycling rules more than 300 times this year and sent at least 2.6 million pounds of curbside recyclables to the landfill, according to a KHOU 11 analysis of city records.

The findings have one Houston city council member calling for the ouster of longtime Solid Waste Management Department Director Harry Hayes.

“You either terminate the leadership or you make changes,” said Brenda Stardig, District A council member who represents Spring Branch. “In my world, coming from the private sector, this would be a failed business at this point.”

KHOU 11 Investigates obtained daily collection data forms from the Solid Waste Department from January 1 through the end of May. The daily logs are filled out by each truck driver and show the type of material collected, the times it was collected, and the disposal site for each load.

Those forms, cross-referenced with a database of corresponding landfill logs, reveal a city-wide, system-wide pattern of recycling violations.

At least 123 city trucks dumped 333 loads or partial loads of recyclables at a landfill or garbage transfer facility, which ultimately sends materials to a landfill.

Here is the entire story: https://www.khou.com/article/news/investigations/26m-pounds-of-houston-recyclables-tossed-in-landfill/285-7f5d73a4-96b4-4e48-9c38-0f53a0c1b014.

Let me add this. A few more heads at Solid Waste ought to roll. This doesn’t sound like one disgruntled employee or someone pulling a fast one. This appears to be systematic.


Thanks, Channel 11.


Commentary thinks Pasadena Mayor Jeff Wagner is doing a good job running the City of Pasadena. The Mayor invited me to view the implosion this Sunday morning of the First Pasadena State Bank Building. Cool.

The best the GOP can do to help out a racist Donald Trump is to demonize four congresswomen of color. Pathetic. Not going to work.

Michael Brantley with 115 base hits and Yuli Gurriel with 102 are the Astros with 100 or more base this this season of course.

Did I mention we need another or two quality starting pitchers?

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