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MLB and Astros

This Yankee pitcher started Game 3 of the 1963 World Series and lost 1-0 to the Dodgers. The Dodgers swept the Yankees in 4 in that Series. In the 1964 World Series between San Luis and the Yankees, he started Games 3 and 6 and won both in a Series San Luis won in 7. Name the Yankee pitcher?

This is not another MLB question. Why don’t we get an extra day off like the other 28 MLB clubs? Why are we and the Rangers playing today while the other clubs get the day off after the MLB All Star Game? This is a cheap arse money grab move having us play this evening on ESPN. So stupid if you ask Commentary. Guess what? They never ask Commentary.

MLB doesn’t respect us for sure. Remember the roof issue during the 2005 World Series.

I am going to be disappointed if the Astros happily agreed to play tonight.

I got one of those save the dates cards a couple of days ago. Go check out margaretandmatt2020.com. Matt Luna is My Best Friend’s son and Margaret Cates is his future bride. Cool.

I have met Margaret a couple of times and she is a great kid. Of course, I have known Matt all his life and he is also a great kid.

They are getting married next January in Austin.

The card game in an envelope with a John Lennon forever stamp. Now they definitely have their s_it together.

This was on Next Door yesterday:

Since when do we have mosquito trucks that spray the neighborhood? Tonight is the second time this week I have heard them come. Tonight our whole house filled with the smell of chemicals and we all have headaches now. I have never seen or heard mosquito trucks in the area before until this week. Is there some way to request they don’t spray our street? I will take my chances with the mosquitos over this.

Nope. Commentary doesn’t want to take chances with mosquitos.

State Sen. Royce West is making an announcement soon. He is supposed to be running for U.S. Senator. My old pal Chris Bell is in the race. MJ Hegar is also running. Sema Hernandez is also running.

Sen. West would be strong in North Texas. Chris would be strong in the H-Town area. MJ Hegar would be strong among women. Sema Hernandez could make inroads with Latino voters. It is a wide open race in the Democratic Party Primary – right now.

Jim Bouton of course was the Yankee starting pitcher who lost a game in the 1963 World Series and won 2 in the 1965 Series.

He was an Astro in 1969 and 1970 and wore the numbers 44 and 56.

He was the author of the critically acclaimed “Ball Four” which was a kind of a behind the scenes look at MLB. Commentary bought the book at the time and it was a great read.

MLB tried their best to discredit the book.

Jim Bouton left us yesterday.

We are in Arlington this evening.

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