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Friday Brief

This is an easy one. MLB has already announced the location for the 2026 MLB All Star Game. Care to guess the location?

Commentary attended the Lindale Park Parade yesterday. There sure were tons of residents lining Irvington Boulevard.

Former Vice President Joe Biden says he is still way ahead. He’s not.

Former Harris County Judge Ed Emmett has an Op-Ed in today’s Chron tearing apart so-called property tax reform. He says we have been sold snake oil.

A CNN talking head said Donald Trump’s speech yesterday sounded like an 8th grade history lesson. I agree.

The 2026 MLB All Star Game will be played at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia of course. In 2026, we will the celebrating the USA’s 250th birthday.

The Angels are at The Yard for three this weekend. Then it is on to the All Star break.

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