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Bulk Memberships

Alex Bregman will compete in the Dinger Derby Monday evening. Where does he rank in dingers in MLB this season?

Commentary attended the Houston GLBT Political Caucus Meeting last night. It was a pretty packed house. That’s what happens when the H-Town Mayor’s Campaign purchases 170 memberships.

Let me start out by saying this. I think I heard that there were around 600 members prior to the recent membership drive. If you add 170, the 170 represents 22% of the membership. I would consider that significant.

There was considerable angst in the meeting room last night. There was also a touch of sensitivity. Some of the leadership there didn’t like that the organization’s “integrity” was being questioned. Well, get used to it. When you allow a campaign to purchase 170 memberships, integrity becomes an issue.

Observations from last night.

A move to not accept the memberships was rejected.

Some leadership didn’t like that an email was released that revealed the membership purchase. I don’t know about that. Commentary wants to know about shenanigans like this. I don’t want this hidden from me.

Some folks didn’t like that their business was all over social media. Huh? Get used to it. Everything is on social media these days.

The leadership said that campaigns purchasing membership have been going on since the 1980s.

Someone said something along the lines that four years ago, the H-Town Mayor’s campaign purchased 50 or so membership and he won by 75 votes or so, so it didn’t really matter. Think about this if the H-Town Mayor wins the endorsement by less than 170 votes.

Someone asked if the organization would reject purchases from an anti-GLBT candidate in the future.  Nope!

Some were concerned that the 170 would now impact the endorsements in other races because of the consultants involved. That is probably true.

Some said that the Caucus endorsement was probably one of the most sought after. Commentary agrees.

Unfortunately, this go around, it will be the most tainted – hands down.

The H-Town Mayor’s campaign should have just put in the effort to get each one of the 170 to fill out an application. How hard is that?

Laziness was a factor for sure.

Stuff happens.

Alex Bregman with 23 dingers is tied for 10th this morning in MLB.

We have a five game winning streak and an eight game lead.

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!

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