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To The 28th

Name the MLB club with the lowest team batting average this season?

An appeals court ordered the City of H-Town and the Houston Firefighters to mediation. Here is from the Chron:

The latest order cranks up pressure on (Mayor Sylvester) Turner and the firefighters to work together to resolve the issues, said Josh Blackman, an associate professor at the South Texas College of Law Houston.

“Maybe they were hoping the court would bail them out, but the courts aren’t going to assist in this negotiation,” he said. “Why would the court want to get involved in this? It’s such a disaster.”

Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Judge-orders-Houston-firefighters-Turner-13986571.php.

A disaster for sure or a mess or madness.

Jessica Cisneros is a candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination for Congress in Texas’ 28th District. The incumbent is Cong. Henry Cuellar. Cisneros interned in Cong. Cuellar’s office a few years ago and says the district deserves better and she can do a better job. She is being supported by Justice Democrats, a national liberal group who also supported @AOC last year.

We all agree Cong. Cuellar is one of the most conservative Democrats in Congress. Cong. Cuellar and other politicos from Texas say he is representing the district and that is why he gets reelected.

Ms. Cisneros is 26 years of age. She is from Laredo. She is a lawyer. She is articulate and bilingual.

In her video, she calls Cong. Cuellar, Donald Trump’s favorite Democrat.

The district runs from Bexar County down to Webb County and then down the Rio Grande to Hidalgo County.

This one is going to be interesting. I want to see where the Texas Democratic Party establishment goes on this one. I will say this. Her rollout looks good and she appears to be the real deal.

Here is a good article on her from the Laredo Morning Times: https://www.lmtonline.com/local/politics/article/Meet-Jessica-Cisneros-the-26-year-old-Laredo-13980053.php.

Commentary doesn’t have much to say on who the next lying press secretary will be over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Jays and the Giants of course are tied for dead last in team batting average at .222.

The 25-43 Jays are at The Yard this weekend for three to play the 46-23 Astros. We need to do some damage.

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Still A Mess

What is our record in extra inning games this season?

Sigh. The mess and madness at H-Town City Hall continues. Here is from the Chron:

Councilwoman Brenda Stardig also asked (Mayor Sylvester) Turner if the city plans to recoup back pay granted to firefighters before Prop B was ruled unconstitutional. Some department employees received raises the week before the judge’s ruling.

Turner said his administration is “addressing how to deal with that issue,” but in the meantime he sees the raises as a “credit on future negotiations.” The mayor said last month that he did not intend to “claw back” funds from any firefighter.

Here is the entire read: : https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/City-council-officially-rescinds-firefighter-Prop-13971219.php?utm_campaign=CMS%20Sharing%20Tools%20(Premium)&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral.

I don’t know what to say. Credit? Commentary doesn’t know how much each firefighter received, but it is silly to think they just parked the dough somewhere. Come on!

Sigh, again. This Chron online headline says enough:

Before $9M verdict, HISD could have settled copyright case for $250K

Here is the story: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/education/article/Before-9M-verdict-HISD-could-have-settled-13976271.php.

I guess Dem members of the Texas House aren’t supposed to say much about trying to win a majority in the Texas House. Here is from today’s Trib: https://www.texastribune.org/2019/06/13/texas-house-majority-2020-democrats-only-need-nine-seats/.

Maybe it is out of respect for House Speaker Dennis Bonnen.

We are 4-1 in extra inning games this season of course.

I sure am looking forward to getting Jose Altuve, #SpringerDinger and Carlos Correa back in the line-up.

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The Billboard Battle

We have a 25-9 homie record. Is that the best homie record in MLB this season?

Former VP Joe Biden needs to hang up his cleats. He’s been doing this way, way too long. He got tons of pushback when he said after Donald Trump is gone, the GOPers in Congress will work with him and Dems. Trump wasn’t around in 2009, when the GOPers in Congress wouldn’t work with our Dem African American President. I think what Biden is saying is if he gets elected, a white dude Dem, the GOPers in Congress will work with him.

We also got a preview on how Trump is going to treat him. Trump said yesterday that Biden “looks different than he used to.”

Mayoral candidate Tony Buzbee filed a lawsuit to get the H-Town Mayor’s mug off of billboards that deal with hurricane preparation. Commentary is not a big fan of putting politicians on billboards dealing with disaster preparation. You drive by one of those billboards and say what is the elected official promoting. Why don’t they put up images showing structures that have been flattened, flooding, folks on rooftops – images that get your attention. Just saying.

Here is from the Chron:

Harris County Republicans have announced their opposition to County Clerk Diane Trautman’s proposal for a “joint primary” that would consolidate the lines for political parties into a single queue, which she said would be more efficient and offer more privacy to voters.

Instead of declaring their party affiliation to poll workers in order to receive the correct primary ballots, Trautman said voters would be able to choose their party anonymously via an iPad. The county and political parties also would save money since the joint primary would reduce the number of poll workers and party-specific staff needed at each voting location.

Harris County Republican Party Chairman Paul Simpson said Texas law allows parties to run their own primary elections, and he is reluctant to cede that role to the county clerk.

“The Democrat county clerk’s proposed joint primary elections would empower the bureaucrats and, worse, let one party’s workers run the other party’s primary election that selects its candidates, running the risk of disenfranchising, inconveniencing, and confusing voters,” Simpson said in a statement.

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Harris-GOP-chair-opposes-Dem-county-clerk-s-13969625.php?utm_campaign=sftwitter&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=twitter.com.

First of all, have they fixed the glitches Commentary talked about on May 6 on the way the elections folks presented the results for the May 4 election? If they haven’t fixed the glitches, Commentary would sure not want them to combine the primaries. I’ve lived all my life without voting in a GOP primary and I sure would hate to get glitched into voting in one.

Where does she get this privacy for voters stuff? I get not wanting folks to know who you voted for, but I don’t think which political primary you voted in is a privacy thing. Campaigns can get access to that info the evening they vote.

This is the first I have heard about this proposal. I guess running a couple of specials elections took me out of the loop and I missed the conversation on this. We have a huge 2020 primary coming up in March, I sure would want a whole lot more info before we head into this direction.

Here is what Tags tweeted last night:

Astros sold 31,107 hot dogs tonight. Bye.

More importantly, Tags also tweeted this:

23 pitchers have thrown perfect games in MLB history
23 players have homered in their first two MLB games

Yordan Alvarez became number 23 last night. I wonder who the other 22 are?

Our 25-9 homie record is not the best homie record in MLB. The Dodgers own the best homie record of course – 25-7.

Justin Verlander goes for his 10th win this evening.

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It’s Funny

How did the Astros acquire Yordan Alvarez?

Today is my sister Sylvia’s BD. Happy Birthday, Sylvia!

It’s funny in that Dems are opposed to Citizens United and all the money that is in politics at the federal level. Dems are hungry for campaign finance reform of sorts at the federal level. Commentary wonders how local Dems feel about limiting campaign donations to $500 for those donors to H-Town City officeholders and candidates if they do business with the city or get appointments to city boards and commissions? Kind of like the goose and the gander bit. Just saying.

Commentary is not a big fan of the second or final term of the City of H-Town term limits. It has problems. Accountability, maybe? No shows?

If the MLB All Star Game was to be played tonight, Alex Bregman and #SpringerDinger would be in the starting line-up for the AL. Justin Verlander would probably be the starting pitcher.

In 2016, we traded pitcher Josh Fields to the Dodgers for Yordan Alvarez of course.

We have two with the NL Central first place Brewers tonight and tomorrow. They are a real good team and have last year’s NL MVP.

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What is our record on Sundays?

Commentary was watching Fox 26’s “What’s Your Point” yesterday and one of the GOP talking heads casually said the U.S. Constitution guarantees U.S. citizens the right to vote. No, it doesn’t.

I am rooting for Big Papi this morning.

My old buddy Gene Mendoza is no longer with us.  He, my best friend and I and a few others spent a month in New Hampshire way, way back working on a presidential campaign.

Democratic Party presidential candidate U.S. Senator Kamala Harris has one of the best takes so far in the 2020 race. It is a classic. She gave it yesterday and here it is: https://twitter.com/i/status/1137831661557768192.

Identify fraud! Love it!

For the end pay-to-play campaign, this Chron story by Zach Despart and Mike Morris could not have come at a better time. Here is the Chron online headline:

Two years after bribery scandal, Sreerama welcomed back as Harris County vendor

Here is the story: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Two-years-after-bribery-scandal-Sreerama-13960970.php?src=hp_totn.

Unbelievable, but believe.

Here is from the Chron story:

Two men in business attire sat across from Harris County Engineer John Blount in the downtown administration building earlier this year, making the routine visit Blount asks of all engineers wishing to be added to the county’s list of approved vendors.

These attendees already were well known, however, not only to Blount, but to nearly every political player in Houston.

One was Karun Sreerama, an engineer and prolific political donor who resigned as Houston Public Works director two years ago after payments he made to a Houston Community College trustee who pleaded guilty to bribery charges became public. The other was Jerry Eversole, who had a corner office on the building’s top floor as a county commissioner for nearly two decades until his resignation as part of a 2011 plea deal in a federal corruption case.

The pair were in Blount’s office Feb. 7 seeking county work on behalf of DHAR Engineering & Consulting, Sreerama’s new firm. Six weeks later, Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle asked Blount to place the firm on the Commissioners Court agenda for a road project.

And this:

“The ongoing relationship between Sreerama and local government is stunning,” (University of Houston political science professor Brandon) Rottinghaus said. “These relationships show that even the disinfectant of sunlight cannot slow the cozy, powerful relationships between political insiders and government contracts.”

And finally, this:

County Judge Lina Hidalgo made ethics a pillar of her campaign last year and in January announced she would refuse contributions from vendors. She said she has yet to decide whether to support the DHAR contract.

Rottinghaus, the UH political scientist, said the proposal is a prime opportunity for Hidalgo to show she is serious about changing the way Harris County does business.

“It’s one thing to decide not to take money from specific contractors and engineers,” Rottinghaus said. “It’s another to decry the shady deals right at the doorstep of county government.”

This is a no brainer for Judge Hidalgo. Doesn’t she have the final say on what gets on the Commissioners Court Agenda? This is the kind of stuff that the GOP will use on Judge Hidalgo and Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia in 2022. It needs to be nipped in the bud, for sure.

Here is what Evan Mintz tweeted on the story:

Can’t get over this story

Nice job by the Chron’s Despart and Morris.

Wut was the reaction!

H-Town Council Member Dwight Boykins had his campaign kickoff announcement this past weekend. Here is from the Chron:

Also backing Boykins at his kickoff was state Rep. Mary Ann Perez, a Houston Democrat who served with Turner in the Legislature. She said she would “stand by (Boykins’) side until this is done.”

“I know when he becomes mayor, he’s going to stand up and fight for each and every one of us,” said Perez, whose son is a Houston firefighter. “I know there is a difference between a politician and a public servant. And Dwight Boykins is a public servant.”

And this:

Boykins took several shots at (Mayor Sylvester) Turner, too, blaming him at one point for failing to secure the Democratic National Committee’s 2020 convention.

Here is the entire article on Boykins: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Dwight-Boykins-kicks-off-campaign-for-Houston-13962792.php.

The Astros are 7-4 on Sundays of course.

An interesting tweet from yesterday:

Seth C. Payne‏ @SethCPayne 15h15 hours ago

Texans current problem: Don’t have a GM

Rockets current problem: Contract uncertainty with head coach

Astros current problem: Can’t figure out if it’s pronounced Yor-dan or Jor-dan

Welcome to H-Town, Yordan Alvarez!

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That Was Quick

Name the team with the lousiest record in MLB?

That was quick is what some folks were saying yesterday when the Houston Firefighters endorsed H-Town Council Member Dwight Boykins for mayor. Commentary has said it before. Mayor Turner doesn’t become Mayor Turner without the endorsement of the Houston Firefighters in 2015.

In his first TV interview, CM Boykins says to Channel 13 he will fire H-Town Police Chief Art Acevedo. Here is the interview: https://abc13.com/politics/boykins-gains-houston-firefighters-endorsement-for-mayor/5336095/?ex_cid=SND_KTRK_TW&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=snd.

I don’t know if he should be conducting campaign interviews from his City Council office. Just saying.

The Chron has an E-Board take on the mayoral contest. Go check it out.

Rice University political science professor put out his liberal-conservative ratings for the Texas House and you can see it here: https://www.tribtalk.org/2019/06/04/the-2019-texas-house-from-right-to-left/.

State Rep. Christina Morales is the 20th most liberal member and 3rd most from Harris County. Good.

Former Vice President Joe Biden reads Commentary. He now opposes the Hyde Amendment. That’s smart.

Royko sent this after my mention of my Dad yesterday:

Thanks to your father for his service to our nation.
Got to say, there is nothing like having a “Ma Deuce” to fend off the bad guys.

It looks like Dallas Keuchel will join The ATL.

At 19-43, B’More and the Royals of course are tied for the lousiest record in MLB.

B’More is in town for three this weekend.

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D-Day was 75 years ago today.

As each day goes by, we lose World War II vets. My Dad is 95 and he entered active service a year before D-Day. He was in the European Theatre on D-Day, and was in combat in Italy, France, Belgium and Germany. He was a paratrooper who had one combat jump behind enemy lines. He was a heavy machine gunner.

My Dad will sometimes opine why WWII vets who were not at Normandy that day do not get their stories told on an annual basis. Good point.

Honor them all!

No MLB question today.

Happy Birthday to one of my favorites, Natalie Morales of the “Today” show!

I saw this tweet yesterday and it had Ted Oberg looking at a flooding tweet from yesterday:

Ted Oberg Retweeted Courtney Fischer
As I watch this from inside Houston City Hall I wonder if these frequent floods are hurting Houston’s image. It’s clear they hurt Houstonians.

I could not argue if we were also called Flood City.

The Hyde Amendment is not good public policy and the individual who ends up winning the 2020 Democratic Party nomination for president should not be supporting the Hyde Amendment – period.

H-Town City Council Member Dwight Boykins filed a campaign treasurer designation for mayor with former H-Town Mayor Lee P. Brown serving as his treasurer. Still, CM Boykins hasn’t said himself he is running, and his mayoral campaign website is not active.

Here is part of Kuffer’s take on Boykins today:

I know there are Democrats out there who are disappointed in Mayor Turner and who think he isn’t progressive enough. I would just like to remind them – and everyone else – that back in May of 2014 when City Council voted on HERO, Dwight Boykins voted “No”. He still refused to support HERO a year later when Council had to put the HERO repeal proposal on the ballot. I for one cannot and will not vote for anyone who didn’t support HERO. You do you, but that’s a deal breaker for me.

Commentary is thinking that CM Boykins will probably be chasing Dem voters that didn’t support the HERO and there were a lot of Dem voters who did not support the HERO. Just saying.

Our run differential took a big hit last night.

We have an afternoon game today with Justin Verlander pitching.

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A Cardinal Sin

Name the pitcher with the most innings pitched this season in MLB?

The latest.  According to Jasper Scherer of the Chron, H-Town City Council Member Dwight Boykins has filed a treasurer designation for a race for mayor.  Lee P. Brown is his treasurer.

This is horrible and totally unacceptable. Commentary is talking about the latest coming out of the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese.

If you have the stomach to see the story, here it is: https://abc13.com/cardinal-accused-of-mishandling-case-against-beloved-priest/5330273/.

This is a prominent family with a lot of dough. There are not so prominent families whose stories we will never hear.

Commentary is thinking that Cardinal DiNardo sure has a lot of ‘splaining to do. I am sure some are going to question whether he should continue in his role locally and nationally within the church.

Congratulations to my friend Wendy Montoya Cloonan for getting appointed Port Commissioner to the Port of Houston Authority by Harris County Commissioners Court yesterday. Elections matter.

It turns out Governor Abbott and his office were in on the Secretary of State’s attempted voter purge. Of course, the Governor’s Office is taking a page from Donald Trump’s playbook and denying the obvious.

Justin Verlander of course leads MLB pitchers with 87.1 inning pitched this season.

42-20 and a ten game lead.

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On Biden

We have a nine game lead in the AL West. What was our lead after 61 games last season?

Commentary was told H-Town Council Member Dwight Boykins will announce his campaign for H-Town Mayor tomorrow. I will believe it when I see it.

Nowadays, you don’t know if videos have been doctored and concocted. I saw one yesterday of former VP Joe Biden saying he marched for civil rights, when in fact he had not. I don’t know about this.

These days, what is the point in calling out Donald Trump’s lies like the one this morning about cheering crowds in London?

Commentary does not have much to say this morning.

Last season, after 61 games, we were actually a game behind the Mariners of course.

How can we be 41-20 and still not have the best record in MLB? Oh, well.

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Teaser Website

Justin Verlander is now number 21 on the list of pitchers in the career strikeout category with 2,809 strikeouts. Name the pitchers in the top 20 who are not in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

H-Town’s politicos heard late Friday afternoon that H-Town City Council Member Dwight Boykins would not be announcing Saturday that he would be running for Mayor. Yesterday, some buzz was created when some local media outlets reported on a Boykins website for a mayoral campaign that was under construction of sorts. Here is from a Channel 13 News story yesterday:

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The publication of a website has Houstonians wondering if City Council member Dwight Boykins will run for Houston Mayor.

The unfinished website went live this weekend.

When ABC13 Eyewitness News reached out to councilman Boykins about the website and his decision to run for mayor, he said he has not made a final decision.

Boykins told ABC13 he should be making one soon and has been considering running for mayor.

When he talked about the website, he said that it is a rough draft and he is not sure how it got out.

Here is the website address that is no longer available: https://www.dwightboykinsformayor.com/.

Sounds like a tease to me. Of course, I don’t know why one would tease on this. There were a couple or so typos on the website. There was a photo of a construction site with a skyline that clearly was not H-Town. Sloppy in Commentary’s book. You don’t put a live campaign website out there until you are ready – period. It looks like CM Boykins has not made up his mind on running.

The Rocket with 4,672 strikeouts is number 3 on the list of career strikeouts, Curt Schilling with 3,116 is number 15, and CC Sabathia with 3,020 is number 17 of course and they are not in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

40-20 with an 8 1/2 game lead.  Not bad at all.

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