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Not Shamed

After 12 games, Yordan Alvarez has 16 base hits. How many of the 16 are extra base hits?


You can hashtag it all you want. Have the Wicked Witch of the West skywrite it across skies throughout the nation. Do one huge flash mob where every single one of us in America participates.

It doesn’t matter to him. That’s who he is.

Does not care about little brown kids wearing snot soaked clothes. Little brown kids in soiled diapers doesn’t faze him. He doesn’t care if they brush their teeth. Their personal hygiene is not his concern.

Separating families is Ok by him.

He is not shamed at all.

They are not his type.

For those who have CNN, I highly recommend watching “Apollo 11” that aired this past Sunday evening. A fascinating and entertaining watch for sure.

There is some interesting artwork on some Downtown Houston sidewalks these days. That is all I am going to say about this.

Yordan Alvarez has 9 extra base hits of course, 7 dingers and 2 doubles.

The Pirates are in town for 3.

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