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We’ve got to change our losing ways, baby! That is five in a row we have lost.

Yesterday, Commentary participated in a meeting briefing conducted by Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman and Michael Winn, Administrator of Elections for Harris County. Big Jolly, err David Jennings was there, as was John Cobarruvias.

We were briefed on how the elections results will be presented and reported on election night for this November. They saw what Commentary wrote about the May 4 election night results presentation. I get what and how they are going to present on election night. It has been impacted by the new voting centers method of voting and the technology available to report election night results.

The voting centers system requires a few changes. The political campaigns will need to make a few adjustments, but it is nothing that can’t be handled.

They also gave us a walk through on the proposed combined primary voting experience. The in person voting experience is going to be a bit different and I suggested that they educate the partisan voters as best they can if we end up going to this system.

I really don’t want to get into too many details from the meeting briefing because they are still working things out. If someone wants to holler at Commentary, I will give them my take directly. Just pay attention to information coming out of the Clerk’s Office and ask questions if you have them.

I want to thank County Clerk Trautman and Administrator Winn for reaching out and more importantly, for their professionalism.

The Tampa Bay Rays have been given permission by MLB to explore the possibility of playing some of their games in another city that doesn’t have MLB like Montreal. Nobody goes to games in St. Pete, where they play, and they have a lousy crib. Heck, they have sealed off their upper deck. The Expos used to play in Montreal before they moved to D.C. and are now the Nationals.

My best friend said if they do this, they ought to be called the ExRays. I tweeted it out as if I thought of this. Hee, hee, hee!

Portland, Oregon wants an MLB team. If the Rays moved to Portland, they would have to be an AL West team meaning either the Ranger or Astros would move over to the AL East with B’More, the Jays, Red Sox and Yankees. That would mean the Yankees and Red Sox would visit The Yard three times a season instead of once. I am in for that. That is the least disruptive.

Of course, MLB never does H-Town any favors and they would probably move the Tigers or Cleveland to the AL East and stick us in the boring AL Central, with Cleveland/Tigers, Royals, Twins, and White Sox.

And in the end, the Silver Boot series would be down to six or seven games a season. That is not much of a rivalry.

Commentary went to go see the Astros play the Expos in Montreal in 2004, I think. They didn’t have much of concession grub selections, but I thought it was pretty cool that the PA announcer announced in French and English.

Losing five in a row doesn’t put me in the mood for MLB questions.

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